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One Return

18 February 2022

I can't take seriously anyone who adheres to Dispensational Theology.

There is a really large corps of bloggers, vloggers and influencers in the alt-right sphere who present Dispensational views. It flavors everything they have to offer. Because so very many of them are trying to make a living this way, it tends to come across as hucksterism. The medium leads them to a lot of secular and immoral marketing style hype. Maybe you've seen at least one popular "expert" who shows too much cleavage or something like that, matched with overly zealous pronouncements trying to whip up some evangelical fervor.

The whole shtick grates on my nerves. Somehow the image of a holy martyr facing persecution has been swapped for that of a warrior fighting some false image of Satan. I suppose the most irritating part of it is the image of Jesus riding to the rescue with some kind of "dust-off" rescue operation with His angelic helicopters in the Rapture.

We shall indeed meet Him in the air at His Second Coming. We shall all be changed instantly into our eternal bodies and rise to meet Him. He will then cleanse the earth of all that fallen mankind has ever done, and we shall descend to the New Earth with Him. He's only coming back once; there's no third or fourth "Second Coming".

It's not as if those hucksters have nothing useful to say. Once in a while they offer good information. The problem is that too much of what they have to say is of no significance, until you filter it through their false Dispensational expectations. Suddenly something mundane takes on major significance with them because they can make it sound like it fits into their imaginary sequence of End Times events. It verges on cult-like behavior.

I visit plenty of sites, too. However, I can tell you that if you back away from the Net, including this blog as well, you can still discern almost everything you need to know by getting more in touch with your convictions. If you truly trusted in your own heart, you would know that hard times are coming without ever learning it from anyone else in this world. You would know that secular government is evil and cannot be trusted. It doesn't require chasing every self-proclaimed patriot to hear from God.

I'm not interested in building a new movement. All I want is to restore to people the building blocks of faith and Covenant. What you do with it is between you and the Lord. There is no expected outcome at all. However, I have every confidence that, if you genuinely begin to walk in your own convictions, it will open up a whole range of religious expression that's been missing for most of the past two millennia.

So, I'm not interested in things like Latter Rain (which name covers two or three different movements), the New Apostolic Reformation, Joel's Army, Dominionism, etc., any more than I am interested in the mainstream denominations that have already rejected my message. The last thing I want to do is enable something that will bring large numbers of people into subjection to some oppressive orthodoxy. Dispensationalism will make you a slave to the Zionist agenda, which agenda cynically treats you as a total outsider.

On the one hand, the Temple veil was torn in two, and the earthly Nation of Israel was dissolved. On the other hand, the Covenant still stands as a testimony of how God works in this world. If Jewish people were determined to reject the Talmud and actually live by Moses as Jesus taught him, I'd be first in line to support them. As long as Jews reject their own Covenant and Messiah, they have zero significance in our future, except as the Synagogue of Satan that serves only to persecute genuine faith in Jehovah.

This document is public domain; spread the message.