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Network Dependent

19 February 2022

I want to recommend this masterful essay by Michael Rectenwald. It's the kind of reading that isn't meant to stir up activism, largely because it assumes the very obvious failure of activism. If activism worked, we wouldn't be where we are now. And the enemy's activism didn't get us here. We had plenty of bad activism, but that was just the noise on the ground to distract us from the hard work these oligarchs have been doing in the background for decades.

This is really nothing new, just a more cerebral brand of the same oligarchic rule that has always made humanity miserable. What's different is the determination to use mass deception as the primary tool of control. Rectenwald explains that the new oligarchy is based on ideology more than inherited nobility. Yes, elitism still tends to run in families, but holding a commitment to the proper ideology is utterly essential. Membership in the elite class is open to those who have risen to power (influence over the people, whether in the market or in politics) by any means, so long as they knuckle under the ruling ideology. Under the accepted ideology, their position is carefully protected.

Still, this new brand of elitist oligarchy is quite vulnerable. It rests entirely on dragging the majority of humanity into a network that is far more than the Internet. Rather, it is networked control itself. So the obvious weakness is that significant resistance to being enslaved in this network will keep it from working as intended. I'm not referring merely to Luddites who simply refuse to get a smartphone or who refuse to use computers of any kind. Rather, it's the people who avoid full immersion into this network.

I'm sure you can see that, sadly, the vast majority of those who agree that they don't like this slavery encroaching on their lives will be unwilling to do what it takes. Sure, it would help if a large community got together and simply unplugged from the network, refusing to use any networked devices. Enough people doing that would be a hard lump too big for the system to swallow. The system depends on the network itself; that's the sole means of control, both internally and externally. The seductive call of the network is too strong, and the vast majority of humanity willingly climb inside the virtual world and never seek escape.

They do not have the means to withhold that critical part of themselves from the network. They become wholly dependent personally. They have cut themselves off from the ability to remain independent internally. The truth is that those who walk by their hearts, who live by conviction, are the only ones capable of functioning equally well with or without the network. We still have the temptation to dive in heedless of the dangers, but we remain fully capable of walking away from it.

This is where the redemptive promise of solar activity comes into the equation. We who pay attention to astrophysics and the cycles of the sun's behaviors know that the soon-coming catastrophes will be our salvation. This latest high-tech malevolence from the elites will fail one way or another, not least because God has timed things to destroy that evil conspiracy completely. But we don't have to wait for that come; we can move our conscious awareness into our hearts and learn how to walk by conviction. We can disconnect internally before the wrath of God falls in fullness on our world.

The article linked above gives us a practical look at how the plans work. It serves to alert us to the kinds of sorrow coming. It's not hard to grasp that there is currently no effective resistance because those with a mind to resist have no clue how it all works. They are too busy trying to profit from the primary tool of oppression. Their future resistance will be aimed only at the manifestation of oppression, several degrees removed from the actual mechanism. Can't wait for God to do things in His time? The only viable alternative would mean a mass slaughter of leftists. I don't believe there are enough people with the balls to do that.

So the only real alternative is the heart-borne path of internal resistance, learning to walk by your convictions.

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