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Resistance Done Right

21 February 2022

There will be increasing resistance to the tyranny of the globalists. It won't be done right. This is why we will face an apocalypse.

I say that including the fact this whole question takes place outside the Covenant. In other words, the Bible does teach us how things could work (more or less) even without the Covenant and without the heart-borne orientation. So, on the one hand, the people cannot have what they imagine they want. On the other hand, they can get some of what they want for a while, but they won't do it right.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not promoting the orthodoxy from any of the various recognized political or economic theories. With our without a covenant awareness, people are better off in tribal feudal communities. But I'm trying to be as realistic as I can, even as I acknowledge a limited grasp of some issues. My assessment of what the people need, what they can actually get, and what they should do about it, is based on multiple factors, but is rooted in revealed Covenant morality. The first thing I acknowledge is that the people at large will never embrace any valid biblical covenant.

Even outside of that is a smarter path, and the people at large do not have the will to take that path. When they rise up, it will be very anemic, dithering and confused. You want liberty and some reasonable choices? It would mean slaughtering the oligarchic families running things, our fake nobility. The people won't do that. So we have to assess what is actually possible.

The only workable path is secession of the red and blue states from each other. This is likely. Further, there are some states that will need to divide between their own red and blue regions, but that's far less likely. Still, given that this is the only way out of our current malaise, the problem is getting folks on board with the idea. It doesn't even require a majority; the majority will never act on anything. What it needs is just a critical mass, enough that the solution can become a magnet for those who are willing to act. Getting that critical mass will not happen until there is a series of thresholds crossed, so that the political will shifts.

So the first and biggest problem is getting this idea across in the first place. There is a massive cultural and institutional resistance, a religious fervor for keeping the Union alive. They refuse to recognize that recovering the USA simply will not happen, cannot happen. It's a false idol. If you and I say anything at all, we should promote secession at the state level. Even with charismatic state leaders fully committed to this course of action, it's going to be a long, slow slog. It's going to require shocking abuses that allow the oligarchs to destroy the economy.

The right needs to come up with a replacement for Trump. His charisma and passion, his willingness to flout convention are wonderful, but he lacks the intelligence to recognize that the Union is dead. His betrayals are many, but the worst is the compromise with his personal financial ambitions and interests. Much of his wealth depends on keeping the dishonest federal system alive. Breaking up the US would break up his wealth too much. That's why he never had the balls to actually use the power of the POTUS office to crush his enemies. He was too dependent on the system as it exists, and was trying to institute only an incremental shift in government policy.

To be honest, his compromise with Zionism was actually not the worst problem. Zionism isn't going anywhere. It's rooted in the American identity now. We have to live with that until God does something that destroys the illusion. That will certainly come sooner or later, so pray for it. But don't count on it solving our current problems.

We need one good secession leader; pray for that, too -- one in each state would be a real bonus. They should already have concrete plans in place. They need to estimate the procedures and all the costs involved. There's an awful lot of money they can quit sending to Washington DC, but most states will suffer a net loss, and in the cost of things they'll have to pick up from a collapsed federal government bureaucracy. There is no avoiding a tax increase in most states, but without federal restrictions, many could come up with a workable plan.

Once the states' leadership gets realistic about this, they can wisely align themselves to gain far more leverage. It's not a matter of voting arithmetic; it's exponential in effect. A solid regional block in favor of secession would be impossible to stop.

Most every other problem with the USA can be solved by dissolving the USA. All of the stupid wars and hatred will stop when there's no gigantic military, with its unconscionable massive budget, to use as a massive hammer against other countries. The forced resettlement of invading immigrants can be stopped this way. Think of the possibilities.

All of this activism energy needs a better focus, and the only realistic target is for secession. We should start by praying for state leadership to wake up to reality and begin conspiring quietly to be break away. It will be painful, but the alternative is far worse. This business of trying to push the globalists to back down is utter foolishness. They might appear to here and there, but only because they have planned something even worse. You've got to realize that these people hate you. They don't just want you dead; they want to torment you your whole life long. These wackos delight in human suffering.

The only hope for a sane life on this earth is decentralization.

This document is public domain; spread the message.