Catacomb Resident Blog

Protect Your Tribe

23 February 2022

Oppression is evil. Protecting your tribe from external predators is not.

Granted, the predators will always complain they are being oppressed when you keep them from preying on your tribe. A conflicting value system always feels like oppression. The only real solution is exclusion. Keep your tribe together and protected, and keep out anyone who isn't willing to embrace your tribal ways.

There remains a very large effort among mainstream religious groups to force integration between multiple different cultural groups. They claim that Western Christian religion is a valid identity, and that it's somehow a sin to reject that claim. Of course, you and I and everyone else can tell the difference between these cultural groups. Just go to a church with a different cultural identity and you'll figure it out quickly how alien it makes you feel. It's a serious distraction from meeting with God.

A major element in why God preserved in His Word the story of the Tower of Babel is so that we would understand that we are supposed to be different tribes, and that we are not supposed to blend together under some imperial power. If a different location, or a different population makes two churches significantly different from each other, then they have no business pretending to be part of the same denomination.

And it's especially wrong for one cultural group to insist that another cultural group adopt their ways, in part of in whole. No, my tribe should not be more like your tribe. Our tribes should remain different and separate. We can be at peace, but it's a violation of God's will, as demonstrated at the Tower of Babel, for us to mix together on earthly projects.

Calling it "racism" is just a lie from Hell. Nobody gives a damn about whether you have a better tan or not; what matters is that you'll bring your cultural habits with you, and this is what creates chaos and gives Satan a door into the church. If your cultural orientation is very different, you'll bring with you expectations and demands that will violate our shalom. Stay with your own tribe, wherever the Lord tells you your tribe is.

I'm not going to listen if you complain that your tribal culture brings you poverty, in contrast to someone else's cultural habits bringing them wealth. I rejoice in my relative poverty; it's a mark of holiness against a rapacious materialistic world. You should, too. If seeing their wealth makes you feel left out, then embrace their culture and serve Mammon. You don't have to actually change, just understand and know how to play the assigned roles for those who make it. As for me and my tribe, we will avoid their ways and trust in the Lord.

Pay attention: The Muslim tribals are fully committed to doing everything possible to bless their own tribe at the cost to every other competing tribe. Jews are the same. They aren't neutral; they are hostile. They will try to hide that kind of orientation, and even try to make it illegal for you to talk about it, but everyone can see it. The only question is that you get a clear idea of what each person's primary tribal identity is. Part of their warfare of conquest is to confuse the issue by pretending to embrace multiple tribal identities. It's just a tactic; keep your eye on the ball.

If your identity is white American churchian, you are already too stupid to understand this message. Your fantasy that there are no tribes sets you up to fail, making you an easy mark for predators.

The prime directive for Covenant people is to drop from consideration all doubts about your tribal identity. This includes the utter necessity of seeking the welfare of your tribe, and if necessary, in competition against other tribes. Granted, any competition for resources should always start with prayer to God to deliver His promised shalom. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to compete and even go to war, but that's not the norm. That can only come by conviction. Meanwhile, the majority of our efforts are spiritual and moral. Precious few tribes even understand that.

Cosmopolitan mixing is evil. Creation itself is feudal and tribal. Stop fighting God's design.

This document is public domain; spread the message.