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A Higher Power

24 February 2022

Do you understand that what the oligarchs have been doing is not a crime? It's war. Justice will not come from criminal proceedings, as if there is a government with rules and so forth above them. They have already taken over the government; it's totally in their hands. The pandemic, the vaccines, the quarantines -- it was all an act of war. We didn't do it to ourselves, but someone outside of us attempted to slaughter us and destroy the lives of the survivors. It's an army of occupation.

It ain't over yet.

On the one hand, this COVID plan is falling apart. On the other hand, they intend to keep using the protocols; now they have begun talking about a fresh AIDS epidemic. Meanwhile, the hysteria about the Ukraine is just noise to distract. And they have plenty of other plans: The Great Reset includes global warming stuff, wokism, CRT, leftist troops on the streets (up to now, it's been Antifa and BLM), etc. Meanwhile, in the background we see the shadowy evil of neocons, who are using Zionists as their lackeys. In other words, this is a threat in depth. When one layer evaporates, there's a dozen more behind it.

In general, the oppressors refuse to recognize that Covenant people are separate. All they know is that we are just another part of the majority who dissent from their agenda. If the Lord prospers your covenant community, then maybe you can talk about some kind of organized response. But for the most part, we are scattered individuals with no hope of representation in the process. We are stuck waiting to see if a competing pagan force will rise up to oppose them. I'm praying for some kind of backlash. The Lord has chosen this generation of His people to witness apocalypse and cataclysm.

It's critical that we understand this correctly as warfare, not crimes. They honestly believe it is all justified. The real issue is their idolatry, their commitment to demonic deities. They aren't really after us in particular, but are trying to take over the whole world. Just because it doesn't use classical tactics of warfare doesn't make it any less a war. What's worse is that these plans are seriously miscalculating the readiness of the population to play along. All it takes is a tiny portion to resist, and the leaders of this war will panic and make things even worse.

We need to appeal to a higher power, One who is not confined by human systems. I'm praying for a backlash, for secession leaders all over the country. Most of all, I'm praying for God's wrath to fall on America's sin.

Side note: The Russian action in Ukraine is none of our business. NATO has turned into an evil arm of the globalists. The US government is absolutely on the wrong side of this whole thing. I'm sure the Russians will demonstrate a far better distinction between military targets and civilian "collateral damage" than the US would. The most we can say about it is that this will be entertaining when Russia shows how it should be done.

This document is public domain; spread the message.