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Realistic Limits

25 February 2022

By now, you should understand that what we are witnessing is a very long term plot coming to fruition. For example, the World Economic Forum (WEF) leadership openly confessed decades ago to training up a new generation of folks committed to creating the appearance of anarchy in order to put in place harsh tyrannical controls. That new generation is now in place over Western national governments. Those that didn't qualify for high office have been infiltrated into the system from national cabinet positions to many state and local government offices. It was acknowledged up front as a takeover.

The original COVID-19 plan was to enhance a flu virus, but that part flopped. It was only slightly more threatening than common seasonal afflictions. Nonetheless, the controls were already set in place to treat it like a major epidemic, so that the policies were shoved down everyone's throats before they knew it. This was set in place by a series of massive conferences whose sole purpose was to run simulations of these emergencies and put in place the mindset to implement draconian policies that would destroy the economic and social fabric of every country in the world. This stuff was infiltrated into the policy documents in all sectors of government and corporate management.

Are you surprised at how well it worked? Here in the US, the government was handed over to a bureaucratic herd sometime in the last century. Think about how it works. The only people willing to tolerate such an atmosphere are people without a moral conscience. At the least, they have been conditioned to shut off their conscience while in that working environment, rather like induced schizophrenia. They don't hesitate to work out the implications of truly evil policy handed down from above, as if it all took place in a separate universe with a separate person. Every aspect of human existence has been routinized this way, and the masses have been conditioned by passing through this meat-grinder repeatedly.

It was the conscious intention of just a handful of psychopaths to create a system with such results. Now you understand why we would be lucky to see a mere 3% of any population that resists tyranny, and the vast majority would rather just keep their heads down and work to avoid being noticed by the system. Even among that 3% it's quite rare to find folks who understand that the real problem is the system itself, and that tweaking the rules will not make something utterly evil produce more pleasant results.

Even if we can get a full-throated howl of secession from our state leaders, they will inevitably keep alive the evil bureaucratic system within their own state governments. But this is the very best we can hope for. Anything less will see us continue wallowing in growing oppression and misery, because the scale of things truly does matter. A smaller bureaucracy closer to you is just a little more responsive than one that is safely far away from any backlash.

And perhaps now you understand why I suggest that a full solution would mean a hideous slaughter of a whole class of people who keep this thing alive. At a minimum, here in the US it would require over 10 million executions. That's federal employees and contractors (3+ million) with a stake in the system, plus all the various corporate and private systems that interconnect with the government (7+ million). As long as these people continue living, their high degree of conditioning remains. They cannot imagine a different world. And how many of the surviving citizens would be likely to complain when it's all gone? They have been conditioned, as well.

Let's get real. The system isn't going anywhere until God comes and wipes away civilization itself. So the real prayer hope is that the system can be fractured into many small pieces to keep it closer to the people it dominates. The only real hope is reducing bureaucratic insulation and shielding. In other words, there is no solution, only mitigation.

Meanwhile, we should in our hearts and minds prepare for the glorious day when the wrath of God shall be revealed against all this madness. We are due for another Day of Noah type event, and many of us alive today will see it. God's version of the "Great Reset" will be far more complete.

Another Side Note: I'm not pro-Russian, or pro-China, or any other human government on this earth. I am pro-Covenant. Meanwhile, I assert that Putin and his minions are simply less disgusting than the governments of the West. He's on board with globalist government, as is Xi in China; they just want a different brand of it. Also, Putin honestly likes his people, while the US government hates us with a passion.

This document is public domain; spread the message.