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Only Fools Panic

26 February 2022

Any human government that does not embrace the Covenant is an evil government. To the degree that such governments do things by instinct consistent with Covenant wisdom, they may be just a little less evil than their peers. The biblical position is that all governments existing today are evil, but not equally evil. On that ground alone, you should expect the Lord to prosper those less evil. The underlying principle is that He blesses those who obey His will; that's how His glory shines. He's really not so very hard to please. Aside from very specific plans revealed by prophecy, it's rather easy to understand how this or that government will triumph over others.

The globalists in the West are particularly stupid and depraved. It's nearly impossible to state this clearly, simply because it's just off the scale. Russia and China are also globalist, calling for some kind of New World Order, but it's not the same New World Order promoted in the West. The governments in Russia and China have their own weaknesses and failures, but they somehow have managed to be less stupid than Western globalists. So no one should be surprised as they rise in capabilities against the West. The West is more deeply depraved, to the point all the Western countries together are roughly on par with Sodom and Gomorrah. Russia and China don't suffer that kind of problem.

You'll hear a lot of hue and cry about the military action in Ukraine. The whole thing will be colored with various moral value statements; it's all propaganda. This is nothing new. You know a particular story is true when it is officially denied. It might serve to filter out the noise when you realize that the military action is not the real battle. The true war behind the scenes is economic. This is where the West has been particularly stupid. This is how the West will be defeated, and we are talking about a massive collapse.

In general, this collapse will be long and slow until the momentum gets rolling. Towards the end, it will be shockingly quick. While I might claim to understand some of the dynamics involved, it would take a shelf of books to explain. That information is out there on the Net if you want it. The problem is that there is a whole library of propaganda obscuring that one shelf of truth. No two of us would ever say exactly the same thing about it. There are other bloggers specializing in that field, so I'll leave it to them.

Instead, I'll focus on the thing God called me to do: to convince His children to trust their hearts over their brains in order to face tribulation. In the final analysis, the Lord will guide His people unfailingly through convictions, and the real world outcomes aren't the issue in the first place. What matters is that you find and keep peace with God. Let this world go, because it's going to Hell and you can't stop it.

The only real question is: What does God want for you and from you? If you can answer that, great will be your reward in Heaven.

Meanwhile, don't be distracted by the pontificating about Russia invading the Ukraine. We should hardly be surprised by it. Don't panic and soil yourself. Western economic sanctions will hurt the West far more than they might discomfort Russia. And don't be surprised if China invades Taiwan tomorrow. Both Russia and China fully understand that this is more about economics than military maneuvers. Their moves reflect their estimate of when the West has become too impotent to hinder them through sanctions, etc. It's not the kind of stuff covered by the MSM.

This document is public domain; spread the message.