Catacomb Resident Blog

The Dirty Hands War

28 February 2022

Do we have to explain it in detail? Are you going to believe the lies that the government officials tell themselves about events in Ukraine?

I'm willing to bet that most of you don't understand what's going on inside of Russia. Let's start with the old Soviet days: The Soviet leadership invested a lot in new infrastructure to industrialize their empire. But the value of what they gained was less than the value of what they invested. It wasn't done right; a lot of it was based on imaginary benefits that never became real. So when the Soviet government collapsed, the investment of people and resources in that industrialization vaporized. If you tour the former Soviet Empire, you'll see vast numbers of vacant industrial facilities, and matching vacant housing for all the people that were working those places.

Thus, the entire infrastructure of roads, railroads, bridges, etc., is falling apart. There is no reinvestment except in places that remain profitable under the oligarchs. That is, you'll find the infrastructure done right when the oligarchs themselves have to use it. The rest is neglected because the oligarchs have no use for it, to the degree they cannot profit from it. Yes, Russia is an oligarchy, and Putin is one of them.

The oligarchs never reinvested the bulk of their profits back into Russia. They have a lot of investments outside the country. They aren't building themselves the way the Chinese do. All the Russians have for export is mostly extraction and mining. They don't make anything that other countries really want. That is, except for weapons. It's one of the few things wherein they truly have an export that other nations value highly. Right now, you get far better military weapons and equipment from Russia than from the West, and at far better prices. It's one of the few things the oligarchs invest in back home.

It's true that Russia in just stumbling along economically. If they can't import all the modern stuff they really want, then their quality of life will suffer greatly. They are still shifting to getting a lot of imports from China, India and a few other places.

Quick aside: China is doing a better job of investing in their own economy. However, they aren't doing a good job of changing the culture so that their productivity is of good quality. There is relentless scamming in their economy, with whole sectors devoted to producing cheap garbage, and woefully insufficient discipline for those who engage is such fraud. So China is far weaker than they appear.

And yet, both Russia and China will outlive the West. Why? Because both of them are far closer to God's revelation than any part of the West. The West in fundamentally hostile to God's revelation. Russia and China accidentally come much closer to it. It's not hard to pick out certain broad issues that make a huge difference.

Russia and China are largely intolerant of LGBTQ+ wokism. They are very much intolerant of feminism. They are both far more family oriented, either by policy or by culture. Each is considerably less under Zionist control. There is only one abomination called "Hollywood" and there's nothing like it in Russia or China. Need I go on?

This doesn't work by your worldly calculus. That short list alone is enough for God to bless Russia and China in a provisional way while He plans the collapse of the US and other Western countries. God does not favor modern Israel, so get that notion out of your head. Modern Israel has a very short shelf-life, and millions of Christian Zionists are going to be very confused and even completely lost when God lets that little country get destroyed. All their false dreams of Dispensational End Times will evaporate.

Since I've already mentioned it, let me assure you that Hollywood alone is all the reason God needs to treat the US like Sodom and Gomorrah. It doesn't matter how goofy Russia and China are; they aren't the kind of places where Hollywood could happen. I can't say much about the rest of the West, but my convictions warn me that the US is very close to destruction, and it will be a very bitter end when it comes. Part of that end will be that the likes of Russia and China will kick our national ass. Maybe not today, but someday soon. There is no righteous country involved in this fracas in Ukraine. There are dirty hands on all sides, but America's are the filthiest. NATO is the real aggressor here, and the idiotic sanctions will do more harm to us than to Russia.

There is no simple historical marker for it, but I was fully aware of the moment my convictions told me it was too late for America (roughly ten years ago). I stopped calling for national repentance at that point. It's now just a call to individuals. God commanded me to stay here through the coming apocalypse, and to warn people of His wrath, and to declare why it's falling on us. No, I don't like Russia and I certainly couldn't tolerate living in China, but I will assure you that the US is currently God's special target for wrath, and justly so.

This document is public domain; spread the message.