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Beastly Markings

01 March 2022

Perhaps now it is more obvious what kind of tribulation we are facing.

If you bother to check the various alternative news sources, you probably know by now. Think about a pack of chewing gum, a common consumer item of no consequence. While everyone is making so much noise about the action in Ukraine, the war against the common people continues quietly in the background. A prime example is how Trudeau responded to the Truckers' Protest. He activated the powers of the Emergencies Act so he could put in place a total surveillance of all monetary transactions. In Canada, you cannot buy that pack of chewing gum without the government recording very specifically who bought it, where and when, and by what means.

Before I was born, this kind of tracking was dreamed up by the ruling elite. Until the past decade, it wasn't possible in any practical sense. With the rise of digital "crypto" currency, and the latest technology for keeping track of unimaginable volumes of data, the path now exists. Right this moment, all major global currencies are being crushed so that we can all be forced into digital currency. With this mechanism, you can be denied the choice to buy that pack of chewing gum.

That same mechanism will be the means to restricting how you use precious metals or any other means of exchange to purchase anything consumable. They won't be able track the gold and silver with current technology, but the things you buy with it. I can still trade my old shovel for your old rake, but with the way tracking can work in packaging, just about anything you can eat will become a matter of whether the government authorizes you to have it in the first place. That package of chewing gum will have a tracking device in it that registers it to the original purchaser, so that giving a stick to someone else might become a transaction for record.

Do you imagine that I'm overstating things? Don't get hung up on the words, "Mark of the Beast". It's a parable representing a kind of control. It doesn't matter how it's implemented. It refers to the kind of control that lives on your skin, as it were. It's implemented in such a way that you can do nothing without the government knowing and controlling it.

When the US Dollar collapses in the near future, we will be switched to a digital currency. I'm willing to bet the primary mechanism will involve some kind of injected tracking device (RFID), which will double as a general full-time tracker for everything you do. It's not nailed down yet. Somewhere between forcing everyone to get a cellphone for any government services at all, and an injected device that responds on the 5G channel, they'll have us. That's the real threat of the 5G network. Do the research; you'll find the details already out there on the Net.

No, the COVID vaccines do not have that tracking capability. Not yet. Nanotechnology of that sort still requires very close proximity to work, and it currently cannot produce an ID code. It's presence can be detected, and it can be used to perform limited reactive work inside your body, but responding with a signature is currently not possible. However, the long established rice grain sized devices already tested are capable of carrying a different kind of transponder. Make it 5G and you'll understand how the new network technology can be used. I'm not saying this is how they'll do it, but it's already feasible for the Beast to put a Mark on us.

The only issue left is herding us into it. The elite don't yet have the leverage to do it by force until the existing currencies are converted to digital. If you watch what's happening with Russia right now, you'll see a test of the power to exclude from economic necessities. The idea of using economic exchange mechanisms to coerce Russia is a high level test. If it doesn't work as they hoped, it forces a change in their planning. However, it is wholly consistent with the same kind of coercion on the lower level of you and I. Russia will have to be able to survive off the grid, using their own alternative grid, and so will you and I.

So the problem is finding ways to keep the grid fractured. This is why we pray for decentralized government. It depends on how well you can live at various levels of connection to the grid. This is far more than just producing your own power and water, and dodging code enforcement. Your choices must insulate you from having to buy stuff to maintain your system, stuff that will be under the tracking and controls. It means getting used to very primitive ways of living in varying degrees of self-sufficiency.

The war over Ukraine is a symbol for us, in that respect. I'll grant you that Russia and China are already moving ahead with their own brand of tracking and controls over their citizens, so there's no good guys in that conflict. Still, the whole point for us as Covenant people is noticing how this will work, and praying that the Lord will guide us through this tribulation. The biggest problem is how so many people will simply not be aware of how the various changes in our technology laden existence are the reality of the Mark of the Beast. You have to decide what you are obliged to resist.

Can you live without a cellphone? Can you carry out your divinely appointed mission from God sans the networking? How far off-grid can you go without violating your Covenant calling?

This document is public domain; spread the message.