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While We Have It

02 March 2022

This is WW3. I realize that the battle in Ukraine is actually rather anemic, but that's not the real combat. The real combat is economic.

It's very hard to say what's happening in Ukraine. The MSM is flat out lying, no matter what they talk about, and the Russian action in Ukraine is no different. They've already been caught using video and images that have nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine, some of the imagery captured in other parts of the world, and alleging they depict ongoing events in real time there.

The alternative media and allied social media suggest things are altogether different than portrayed in the MSM. It appears Russia has sent in their second stringers first, with orders not to use heavy weapons very much, and to minimize civilian casualties. In fact, the more reliable sources indicate that the greatest losses on the Ukrainian side are caused by their own Ukronazis. They have shot up their own Ukrainian troops for the sin of retreating, and have not hesitated to strike civilian targets on either side of the battle lines. It's standard Nazi behavior. Still, if Russia really wanted to take over Ukraine, they could have done so already, had they disregarded civilian casualties. They have scarcely used their air assets. It would appear they are doing what they have said publicly: disarming Ukraine, going after the Nazis, and restoring the Donbas borders to ensure their independence.

If that's their real plan, it will take a while. It appears the Ukronazis are exploiting this plan by placing their heavy weapons in school yards, on hospital grounds and in residential areas. Still, as long as there is no active NATO involvement, the Russians will eventually have their way.

None of that really matters. The real war is the economic restrictions. We have never before seen this level of coordination in all economic sectors. It's full stack: Banking, shipping, port access, air access, trade, Internet, etc. This is what the West has been planning for a long time; we know that from official statements. Whether or not the Russians and their allies were also ready for this kind of warfare remains to be seen. They've given hints in the past, but were too smart to reveal their whole planning, or lack thereof. We'll see.

As noted in yesterday's post, this reflects the kind of controls the Western globalists have been planning and using against us little people under their rule. Keep in mind that the Russian and Chinese governments are controlled by the same kind of people ruling in the West. Again, there are no good guys here.

It helps to understand this as a battle between different brands of globalism. There remains a hidden cadre of evil pulling the strings, and they have zero interest in our welfare. They have no interest in wars or stopping wars; they are thoroughly detached from the human existence on this planet. They have had control for a long time. About the best we can do is to think of them as the highest echelon of secret bankers and financiers of the world. If you see someone's face in the news, it's not likely they are part of elite cadre.

So the likes of Soros, Gates, the Eurocrats, etc. -- these are the minions of the secret cadre. So are those globalists anchored in the US. These two groups are somewhat aligned for now, trying to crush the globalist cabal running Russia and China. The latter two are also allied to some degree. There are several smaller fish trying to play both sides. But the main battle is the West versus the East, as it were.

There is some confusion because, on the one hand, the likes of NATO and the EU are just proxies for the self-anointed globalists of the West. On the other hand, they have somewhat different agendas and means of deciding to act. Also, the US globalists and neocons are also working together, despite the propaganda trying to convince us there's a difference between Left and Right. The links between China and Russia are a little more murky. Still, it works best to think of West versus East. And it's conceptually proper to think of West and East as plural nouns, even if it makes for clumsy grammar.

The West have had more success setting things up to their liking, and decided in the past two decades to start moving toward crushing their opposition in the East. This mess in Ukraine was just a piece of that plan. The West has been baiting Russia for decades, and they found a bait that they hope will trap the Russians. So the real battle here is whether the Russians have a viable plan to get what they must have without provoking a nuclear conflict. That depends to some degree on whether Russia can get enough support from her allies, because that's not certain at this point.

Make no mistake: The West is the aggressor here. Furthermore, the moral depravity of the West is a much greater offense to God than that of the East. Prophetically, I can tell you the West is doomed long term. I tend to believe the East will survive our western collapse. That's not to say they'll take over the world, but I doubt that's their real goal. Right now, it's all they can do to keep the West from crippling their system. A lot depends on how threatened China feels. The West is hardly as wise as they imagine, and I suspect they will provoke China the same way they have Russia.

What matters most to you and I is not the high level stuff that, in the final analysis, is in God's hands. Our Covenant mission is the glory of the Lord, and that means we focus on surviving according to His Word. The issue is not what happens to us, but how we handle it. Review 1 Peter on the proper attitude toward major persecution. In our case, it's not as targeted as the Jewish Christians in first century northern Turkey (Peter's audience). Rather, we will suffer alongside a lot of folks who have no idea at all about the Covenant. It's our chance to distinguish ourselves by harvesting shalom.

The global masters, the secret elite, will not suffer at all. Their minions in both East and West will suffer some, not in terms of human comfort, but it has more to do with whether one agenda or the other succeeds. You and I will face the full brunt of tribulation and apocalypse, fortunate to survive at all. For us, the issue is not survival itself. That's the whole point of what Peter says in his first epistle. Rather, it's how we characterize the power of the gospel message, in that we don't care much about this life, but rather how it is lived while we have it.

This document is public domain; spread the message.