Catacomb Resident Blog

Apocalypse and War

03 March 2022

This is WW3, West versus East. The combat on the ground in Ukraine is of no real consequence. What matters is that the West has painted itself into a corner. It's possible we could see an exchange of weapons of mass destruction, but we shall most certainly see the use of weapons of mass disruption.

The primary effect for you and I is a very painful level of inflation along with shortages. This will not affect the elite, so they don't care at all. Indeed, they are delighted by our suffering; they have been working to cause inflation for a long time. I don't have space to explain how it all works in detail, but the whole point is that they are harvesting the value of our productivity. Things are tweaked so that they can rake in all the value of our economic activity.

Their methods are different, but this is what unites the neocons and globalists. Everyone else is being strung along. You need to understand this; there is no real conservative versus liberal divide at the level of the elite. That's just the masquerade sold to us peons.

Let's detangle of few things. The Zionists are patsies of the neocons. Israel is just one big PsyOp. When the time comes, the neocons will throw it and Zionists under the bus. Zionism is not the real threat. You have to understand that the true secret elite have somewhat of a Jewish identity on the surface (most of them), and it's the False Messianic Expectations that inform their megalomania, but it would be inaccurate to simply call them "Jews". It's more like they use Judaism as a mask. It reflects something of their group identity, but it's not the whole answer by any means.

And the globalists have their own cannon fodder in progressive activists. The whole idea is to create a mass distraction, a false reality that allows them to herd us into ever-increasing levels of control. As noted, the Russians and Chinese are doing the same thing, but they don't want to be ruled by Team West. Team East have their own ambitions.

Meanwhile, God has His own plans. In the near term we should expect significant natural disasters in the US to go along with sheer human stupidity. At some point, there will be some global disasters caused by the sun. Any day now should come another Carrington Event. Even if it doesn't destroy the electrical grid and/or the Internet, it will cause significant damage and cripple things for a long time.

I still encourage folks to consider how to do things manually. Perhaps more to the point, get things done before we have to worry about that. And the same goes for buying tools and supplies that may soon be unavailable. If you have a reason to expect to use certain things later, store them now, as much as you can reasonably do. If the Lord delays His hand, keep the stock rotating as you use it.

This is an apocalypse, a WW3. We have some military conflicts, but the economic warfare is the biggest threat we face on the human level. Pray that you will be focused and ready to glorify the Lord in the midst of tribulation.

This document is public domain; spread the message.