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Global Economic Collapse

04 March 2022

Put yourself in their place. Russia can either (1) risk economic collapse from sanctions, or (2) risk political and economic collapse from invasive Western sponsored activism internally. The Ukrainian revolution in 2014 was part of the latter. And either way, this would be the second economic collapse in Russia in living memory, following the first one when the Soviet Union fell apart. Only centenarians remember the collapse that followed the communist revolution.

Western propaganda is very hopeful that Russia suffers, so you'll hear lots of noise about how this is all going to be so very painful for them. The Western ruling elite have been trying to force Russia to join their liberal globalist party for a long time. It's the same crap our government has been doing since before I was born. Do you recall how the US CIA (with the UK's MI6) provoked a revolt against the duly elected government of Iran in 1953? The US has been toppling governments ever since.

The problem is that those sanctions will destroy the US economy, too -- what's left of it. We have been doing quite poorly since the quarantines and lock-downs, so try to keep it all in context. Here's the secret: A significant element in US economic comfort is that our dollar is so valuable we can buy imports cheaply. The value of the dollar depends on one thing only: how badly everyone wants them. All the petroleum in the world for the last 50 years has been priced and sold in US dollars only. When folks start trading oil without dollars, then it's no longer so desirable for countries to keep a stack of US dollars. That means the value of the dollar drops here at home, too.

And that's a big part of our inflation. Those sanctions against Russia (and China) create an incentive for them to trade in their own currencies. India is a huge market that is joining this new club, along with Iran, North Korea and a few others. When countries with smaller markets see how we treat Russia and China, they would naturally hedge their bets, and try to stay more neutral about these sanctions.

So all this silly business of Americans cutting off Russian investments in the US and in allied countries is rather like cutting off your nose to spite your own face. In the final analysis, they can all get along fine without the US and her lapdogs.

We have a myth in our American culture about the rugged individual. It's someone who can not only handle a little hassle now and then, but delights in a little discomfort now and then. Try to imagine a sign that says, "No whining." Except, it's not true. We are the most effete, coddled and nanny-ed nations on earth. Meanwhile, Russians (along with Eastern Europe, including Ukraine) are known for actually being pretty tough, not just in mythology. They don't whine; they adapt and improvise.

The whole world is going into economic collapse right now. So, which side do you suppose will suffer the most from the inevitable global economic collapse?

By the way, the Russian troops are conquering Ukraine faster, and with less loss of life, then US troops ever conquered anybody, when measured in terms of territory controlled over time.

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