Catacomb Resident Blog

Imagine a Different World

08 March 2022

Let me put some fire in your pursuit of the Covenant.

Imagine a community where men discuss and routinely teach a genuine Covenant approach to romance and marriage. They understand the inherent truth in most of the Red Pill men's movement, and support each other from a young age in upholding the biblical model of manhood. No, not like the Western version, but a truly biblical Hebrew version, where men are shepherds ruling over their personal dominions as granted by God.

Imagine a community where feminism is recognized for the hideous idolatry it is. Women know better than to buy into the big lie. Such women long for a shepherd hero to give them tingles and stand in headship, and they expect to marry as soon as they are able to manage a household, to a man significantly older, someone they would respect. They look forward to raising children who would go even farther down the Covenant path.

The children would be taught to think from their hearts. They would understand the expectation that normal people seek to know their own convictions and God's Word. And everyone is focused on the covenant community and it's moral fabric. They contemplate and pray about how to build up the moral infrastructure that provides a righteous context for everything. They dream about breathing life into God's promises of shalom. It's all about the witness to God's glory in His Covenant.

No, it would not be paradise. It would still result in some households being a little creaky, and even some divorces. That's because it's impossible to so isolate your community from the world that you could shut out every temptation. Yet, such a community would be light-years above the worldly ways around them. And they would want very much to be different from that world.

There can be no single model of how to build such a community. Some would be isolated very far off-grid, and others would be right downtown, and many would be somewhere in between. It has nothing to do with the trappings and physical setting. This is a vision of people reconditioned to seek the Covenant.

Can you imagine?

This document is public domain; spread the message.