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Long Way to Go

10 March 2022

The Men's Red Pill Movement (RP) carries a lot of nonsense.

The first priority of RP is sex. Everything about it is ultimately aimed at getting laid. Even the Christian RP stuff ends up being subtly all about sex. Their definition of manhood is someone who gets good sex; that's the whole story. It's not biblical. The biblical priority is the Covenant and your mission from God. You are His feudal servant. It's about the role, not the trappings.

The whole skew of RP lore is embracing Western Civilization and maintaining its priorities. Everything about what it means to be a real man is directly drawn from the pagan background of the West, not from the Hebrew background of the Bible. You can read a lot of Bible verses from that pagan background and never understand what the Bible actually has to say.

People who are committed to maintaining a Western identity are not qualified to tell me what the Bible says. Nor are they qualified to give me advice about being manly. Sex is great, but if I'm not God's man first, nothing else matters because life itself is a failure.

The visual image of a real manly man is quite different between the common pool of RP versus the Bible. For one thing, biblical manhood is demonstrated, not described. You cannot write a bunch of stuff that teaches biblical manhood. You have to have it in you by conviction. So the Westernized RP image of a suave and competent, well-built man in a tuxedo is a very long way from the biblical image.

A biblical man is very confident in his convictions, yet very humble before his God. This is what makes him majestic to godly women. He doesn't trust his wardrobe to make him seem worthy of attention. He doesn't participate in the false idolatry of Grecian proportions for the human body. If that's what it takes to attract the women in your social circles, then those women aren't worth having.

The one part RP gets right is the idea that men must rule in their household. The wife's primary mission is him; she has no other ambitions except his public reputation. There's a very good reason the Bible depicts men one or two decades older than their wives: It helps to establish his dominance. Partnering with age-mates is foolish. The mere fact this is considered creepy in our culture condemns our culture.

Once again, by now it should be obvious just how bad the American marriage market is for genuine biblical men. Very few American women qualify. If anything, the RP community is going too easy on this question, by offering advice on how to deal with American women. Guys, if you know you should be married, and you can't find a covenant woman, start praying about going to some other part of the world.

America is doomed, anyway.

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