Catacomb Resident Blog

Unfailing Promises

11 March 2022

There have always been problems with propaganda. At the foot of Mount Sinai, the people of Israel suffered the most incredible level of imbecility and truculence to the point that they clearly believed that Jehovah was as venal and stupid, as easily manipulated and used, as some domesticated livestock they kept. They believed that Moses was using a bunch of secret protocols, and if he would just reveal them, anyone in the whole nation could perform the miracles attached to his ministry. If they could just get the secret incantations and rituals, everyone could make a pillar of fire appear, or split the Reed Sea.

There was a time when we actually imagined in the West that we were beyond such nonsense. But the West itself is one of the biggest lies in history. I'm not going to pretend I can trace how it happened, but I think we can agree that America remains one of the most deceived nations in human history. The whole world wonders how Americans can live in such an incredible fantasy of lies, as if it were a very bad parallel universe that no one else can see.

And sometimes we have forced that insanity on the rest of the world. Signal examples would be the Global Warming nonsense. The success of gaining truly committed converts to that lie became the springboard for the COVID-19 nightmare. Stop and think about how shocking it is to see the majority embracing this egregious nonsense as reality.

On the one hand, I am convinced this only proves my contention that reality itself is variable, seeing how no one can seem to find the alleged objective reality supposedly hiding out there somewhere. Human perception is so very easily shifted, not by how crafty the lies are constructed, but by the inherent gullibility of fallen human nature.

So a major factor in what is going to make the world so very unpleasant as a consequence of what's happening in Ukraine is that precious few people in the West have any real clue what's going on there. Sure, Russia lied about her intention to invade Ukraine, right up until troops crossed the borders. But that's nothing compared to the lies from the Western leadership regarding their intention to provoke Russia until she either invaded or caved completely.

Let's be clear: the MSM is lying and knows it. There is every intent to deceive with malice aforethought. It's possible a few of the lower level employees might be fooled, but the people managing the news output are not fools. They are evil through and through.

It serves no valid purpose to lie about what is happening in Ukraine. Yet you can be sure the vast majority of Western people have the most perverted notions about it. The Ukrainians themselves, living through it right now, still have no idea what they are seeing. Their expectations and frame of reference is so deeply distorted that they cannot grasp the reality of what they experience. They could easily pay attention to the actions of the Ukro-nazis and see how they are slaughtering their own people, but they still claim the Russians are doing it.

It's not hard to find more honest new sources. Let's go back in history to a previous time to explain what Russia is doing: encircling and laying siege to starve out the defending forces. This isn't "bogging down against resistance". It's a policy of doing exactly what they claimed were their aims: disarm and neutralize Ukraine, and de-nazify the country. The majority of civilian deaths are friendly fire. Meanwhile, Russia is training up and hardening young troopers and holding their crack battalions in reserve. It's not that hard to understand.

Meanwhile, the Russian losses claimed in the Western MSM are sheer nonsense. It's bad enough our MSM has been using photos from years ago, and often from other countries, and presenting them as current images of the action in Ukraine. But they inflate the numbers of Russian casualties on a scale of 20-to-1. It's gotten to the point it's preposterous on the face of it. A couple more days and they'll claim losses greater than the number of Russian troops that are actually on the ground in Ukraine.

The biggest horror here is the vast deception foisted on the Western people, not what Russia is doing in Ukraine. This whole thing is just a distraction, another exercise in keeping us from paying attention to what really matters. The elites are going to take away everything we own, force us into slavery, and convince us that we like it. And I'm quite willing to bet that the majority of Americans will smile and go along with it, asserting how great it is to be living in a "free country".

If you review Old Testament History, you will be reminded how seldom Israel came to her senses, and how short-lived were those episodes. With all the miraculous events dropped in her lap, she managed to forget within days and commit adultery against the Lord. Those who clung to their convictions were always a tiny minority. Well, I believe the ratio has gotten smaller in our day. Here we have the literal divine Presence in our souls, and yet how many people do you see clinging to the Covenant today?

So, consider for a moment the prospects for sharing your faith. Yep, it will be a miracle if anyone at all hears the message. Some will, you can be sure; so has the Lord promised. There will always be a harvest. His promises do not fail.

This document is public domain; spread the message.