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Great Expectations

13 March 2022

Let's pull together some things we should expect from this apocalypse. I could be wrong, so do your own thinking and research.

The whole idea behind NATO, WEF and other Western globalist agencies was to force the old Soviet and Chinese empires to embrace neoliberal values and come under elite Western control. After chewing its way through all the previous satellites, the last bite taken was Ukraine, but it won't be swallowed. Russia and China don't balk at globalism, but prefer their own brand. It just so happens their brands are less hideously immoral than the Western brand. Of course, the real issue here is what Westerners think is "moral" compared to Russia and China.

So, it was either Russia cave and fall to another color revolution (and China later down the road), or Russia go to war to preserve their own safety against NATO's aggression. Keep in mind that, among other threats, we had bio-warfare labs in Ukraine, all aimed at creating bio-weapons for use against Russia. You can't blame Russia for invading.

All of that global open trade nonsense used as a lure against Russia and China will disappear. The system had stood long enough to create a very serious level of interdependence. It was wobbly at best, and was ready to collapse at any moment on its own. Now it's simply being shut down on purpose, in that Russia, and eventually China, will be forced into their own far smaller free trade area. They were prepared for this. Our system was not prepared for it.

That's because the Western globalist elite had always planned on crashing our system anyway. It's not as if Biden is being stupid about shutting down North American petroleum production. He's evil; he knows it's going to hurt us little people and is delighted that it will cost us an arm and a leg to drive our privately owned vehicles. He has long been party to a bigger plan to confiscate all motorized private transportation. This is the long-standing dream of the folks running the DNC. What you may not know is that the people behind the RNC secretly agree with this plan, just on different terms.

Thus, the economy will crash, and crash hard. There will be harsh inflation, supply lines will evaporate, and at some point, the banking system will lock up. It won't stop working, but the banks will freeze up for you and I. The currency will be replaced with some kind of virtual thing and we won't survive without a smart phone, because that's how all banks will be accessible to customers. Brick and mortar banks will all but disappear. They plan to force us all onto the cellphone broadband network. It's not that the wired Net connections will go away, but devices connected that way will be subjected to filtering at the OS level. And if you try to use Linux, BSD, etc., there will be other filters at your ISP and all along the path between your system and any service you use. Eventually the devices themselves will do some of the filtering at the hardware layer.

Don't believe the lies about Russian hackers attacking our cyber infrastructure. They'll do that, to be sure, but it's not the kind of thing being hyped in the MSM. The best they can do is not enough to shut down our lives. Our own government will do that. If you are paying attention, you know that our elite rulers have participated in yet another global disaster simulation involving the Internet this time. It means they are plotting another false-flag operation to lock us out of the free-for-all Internet.

More to the point, instead of a government office censoring us, the standard wokie ideology has so perverted Big Tech that the moguls running the Internet will pretend they are under attack and institute censorship across all Net traffic. There will be precious few opportunities to escape this beast of censorship. Blogs like this one will be blocked, so that you can't access it any more, because the traffic won't get past the filtering at the higher levels of behind-the-scenes Internet traffic management. It's cheaper than literally going after all the various servers out there, and a great deal simpler.

But of course, it will be sold as anti-terror measures, coming on the heels of false-flag cyber attacks. At least, that's my educated guess. But I'm also guessing they won't succeed in shutting down encrypted private communications. There will always be a few independent services out there that can't be filtered, but the free-for-all will be curtailed. How you use the Internet will change significantly.

Efforts to destroy the electrical grid will be only partially successful. The interstate connections will likely be broken, but strong local grids will probably keep working. It's not too complicated to take them off the Internet, but it will be a little expensive, so be prepared for a little extra rate increase from it, depending on how heavily your local provider is invested in that. Thus, some areas of the US will suffer more than others. The so-called independent operators will be shut out, and all services will be more centralized into monopolies.

The only way we can hope for a hindrance to this plan will be the rise of a secessionist movement among the states. This is a question of degrees, not either/or. There is a whole range of steps along the path to decentralization, and it really depends on how much any state leadership, in conference with allied state leaders elsewhere, believe they can afford to implement.

So, personal plans: Start with your convictions. Pray over what God wants you to do to prepare. Things to consider, broadly --

Any experience that trained you to do without modern conveniences is a bonus. Not just military bivouacking, but camping and hunting, grueling long wilderness trips, etc.

You really need to understand that our federal government hates us, that the officials are at war with us, and global elites even more so. It doesn't matter what might seem "smart" in policy choices; they are determined to take everything we have and enslave us. This crisis is fully intentional, and there's more to come. For example, look for a carbon credits system to make life truly painful. It's possible your state leadership may be more sane to some degree. If you doubt it, pray about moving to another state, unless you already know God wants you where you are.

Barring a robust social network in the real world, this is going to be very hard on people of faith. A major element in this whole plan was first suckering people into becoming wholly dependent on the virtual world for social interaction. The next step was to restrict what you could share that way. Now you will be cut off from your social contacts unless you conform to the wokie orthodoxy.

Somewhere down the road are far greater evils they have planned for us. It's almost certain there will be some real surprises coming out of the conflict in Ukraine. I fully expect the Western military to become more directly involved, willfully escalating things simply as an excuse to hurt us little people more. Let's pray the Lord not delay too long, but sends a solar disaster that will force an end to the core of globalist planning.

This document is public domain; spread the message.