Catacomb Resident Blog

Does It Fit?

14 March 2022

I'm like everyone else: I can be very curious about some things. But the bottom line is that I already understand deep in my heart that I don't need to grasp the nature of things intellectually; I really need to know only what part they play in my mission and calling from God.

I'm not saying it's wrong for people to investigate and plumb the depths of things in their focus. I'm saying it's wrong to act as if mankind loses something if we don't discover and organize knowledge so we can keep it and keep building. In the final analysis, this world is doomed. To be more specific, our relationship with the universe as fallen creatures has a short shelf-life. Jesus is coming back, and this will all change. In our eternal form, nothing will be a mystery to us.

You and I already know that fallen humanity will never be satisfied. What we so easily forget is that this relentless curiosity is part of our fallen nature, not a gift from God. It's part of the Lust of the Eyes and the arrogance of the Pride of Life. This worship of human curiosity gets in the way of Covenant living.

Get this right: Curiosity should be a slave of your convictions. When it is not restrained by faith, it's a threat to your shalom. Don't squelch curiosity; put it on a leash. Keep it small and don't let it drag you down to Hell because you missed some Covenant boundary.

That's how we should handle everything. When I criticized the Men's Red Pill movement, what I really wanted is for men to see that their sexual nature must be harnessed to the Covenant wagon. Whether you as a man ever get the good sex you really believe you should have, it has to be the result of your commitment and service to Christ. Let God provide all your needs; don't presume to tell Him what your needs are. You cannot let RP become a false idol. Yes, I'm suggesting that most RP stuff is idolatry. It elevates masculine sexuality to the place of God.

I don't need to focus on a high T-count to glorify God, so obsessing over how to boost it isn't necessary. That can blind you to God's will. My choices in life don't hinge on that one thing, as if it magically transforms me into something awesome. What matters is that I nail my fleshly nature to the Cross as many times daily as it takes to make my Father smile. Do you understand how that sexual drive and fiery manhood can be sublimated to His glory?

That calls for different things in different contexts. Some jobs do require a high T-count. But some days, I need to be so utterly lost in the Word that I forget to eat right and maybe miss a workout now and then. Sometimes it really helps when women in social situations ignore me. Sometimes I need to be really quiet and not let people know what I can do.

And so it goes -- everything in life that seems to draw human interest, seems to scratch an itch or meet some other need, must fall in line behind the mission of the Covenant. There are lots of things I would like to master, but none of those matter unless it fits in with what God called me to do. All that really matters is whether some human enterprise has a useful place in the calling from God.

Nobody has to tell me that this attitude puts me out on another planet away from the mainstream. I won't be shocked if no one wants to join me. However, my convictions tell me there will always be a few here and there who immediately recognize this brand of holiness as their mission. I realize that, until the Lord comes down hard on our current civilization and wipes it away in His wrath, we aren't likely to see very many folks setting their hearts on the Covenant.

No, it's not for everyone. But if it's for you, now is the time to give it all you've got.

This document is public domain; spread the message.