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Tracking the Great Reset

17 March 2022

The so-called "Great Reset" is more or less on track. The plan calls for the shift to be complete by 2030, just eight years from now. That's really not much time.

I like the long outline offered here. Don't get hung up on the details, but pay attention to the general drift. It draws a clear image of a world of at least two separate classes, with entirely different rules for each. In other words, nothing new. Everything they suggest they are doing for the welfare of humanity only applies to us, not them. We will own nothing and they will own everything. It's not a secret conspiracy; it's all very much in plain sight.

Most people cannot imagine how thoroughly everything we take for granted as normal parts of human existence will be locked down. Everything will hinge on some sort of electronic ID. All legal means of exchange will be based on that. Most of the food you can get will be wholly artificial with carefully controlled ingredients. You won't be able to breathe without their permission. They are striving to remove every exit, every alternative, to their planned system. So far, they are doing a fair job of it. Some of what you might have read in dystopian fiction will turn out to be a solid forecast, but there's plenty you simply cannot imagine.

What most of these prognostications won't tell you is that there are plenty of unsettled variables. For example, if some of the states pull away from the federal government, it could kink the US plans, but it wouldn't necessarily hinder the secret global elite. The details don't matter nearly as much as the general plans. The elite share a broader vision, and aren't too deeply wedded to any specifics. The people who seem hung up on the specifics aren't the ones steering this whole thing.

As previously noted on this blog, I'm convinced there is a true ruling elite you seldom ever glimpse, who let their lackeys take all the public notice. I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which, but the true elite are very hard to identify. Chances are, if you know their names and have seen their faces very much, they aren't really in charge.

Thus, much of what we know is the prattle of the lackeys and their obsessive plans. You have to read between the lines to understand what is really at work. What they reveal is seldom the strategy itself, but more of their specific implementations. This is by design; if you get lost chasing the details of implementation, you may not really catch onto the higher level strategy of those they serve. The deeper strategy is more intelligent and likely to progress on one path or another, but out of the multiple competing implementations, there are bound to be failures. Somebody is going to be disappointed sooner or later.

So we can bet on certain fundamental ideas being implemented one way or another. Digital ID is a lock, regardless how they bring it online. Everything on the Net will be connected to that; you won't access anything without it. The serious intent to control everything you need to live is very real. No matter what you imagine you can do to counteract it, the controlled access is already in place. There won't be any "off-grid" place to go without so beggaring your existence that virtually nobody alive today can imagine doing it. We are talking troglodyte living -- everything made by hand with no modern equipment or tools of any kind. There won't be any means of off-the-books purchasing of necessities.

Another good bet is the merging of man and computers, the transhumanist movement. In pursuit of this, AI will be everywhere you turn. Every modern convenience will soon be under the control of AI, from resource extraction, through every step of processing, until you get it in your hands. AI is already mostly in control of the major Internet services. Your entire virtual social life passes through AI, along with tracking your interests, as the linked article notes.

That is, until God decides to block it. Don't be a fool thinking this is the End Times. We have at least one more round before that comes. Too many necessary elements are missing for this to be the Second Coming of Christ. So we will have another Noah type event resetting things to something near zero. The target of God's wrath will be civilization itself and it's trappings. It won't be a total wipe, but awfully close to it. It all depends on just how powerful the micro-nova is that God decides to use.

What remains is for Covenant people to be aware that time is limited. We haven't been granted much insight on the actual timing. The best gauge we have is the convergence of the earth's magnetic poles. We aren't in a position to estimate how much of the human population will perish, and how much of the natural world will still be around -- this will be a genuine extinction event. There's an awful lot of moral preparation ahead of us. We really need to reestablish the meaning of Covenant living on the earth. It's the only thing that will carry anyone through the coming apocalypse.

This document is public domain; spread the message.