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Dubious Future for America

18 March 2022

I've said this before: The average American has no idea what's coming, nor how to deal with it. The US is doomed.

A tiny handful of my readers have ever emailed me with a comment or question. About half of those wrote something that inspired my confidence. Those few really do understand just how bad it is, and have a realistic expectation of how things will turn out. As my friend used to say, "You aren't cynical enough."

I admit that I did attend a religious institution of higher education. Sometime after graduating, some of the more important stuff I learned there convinced me that I needed to ditch a whole bunch of theology. We do not need to know a load of stuff to serve the Lord. What we need is a stronger doctrine of faith. Most theology, systematic theology in particular, is a waste of time. You end up far, far away from the biblical doctrine.

If you really need me to sit down and deconstruct the intellectual falderol, then you aren't approaching it properly. It should require only debunking a few silly ideas and reestablishing the basic assumptions of the ancient Hebrew outlook for you to take off on your own. Apparently that's enough for just a few of you, because the emails I've gotten include some discussion that shows it.

People who walk by their heart-borne commitment to Christ will find His way for them. We are designed by God with an inner sense of Him and His requirements. We need far more un-learning than learning. Once you understand how to get our flesh to submit to the rule of your convictions, it dawns on you just how little systematic reasoning you need to serve Christ. It's not a matter of structural learning; it's a matter of loving obedience. That's what saves you.

Once you nail down that feudal relationship with the Lord, things take their own meaning in your soul. You realize you aren't so interested in what the media has to say about anything. In practice it tends to work out that you cut back your exposure to the media over a period of time, having less and less interest. At some point, you pay no heed to them at all, except to get some idea what lies the government wants you to believe.

I'm not really teaching that much; I'm simply encouraging you to walk in the faith God gave you. That so few listen makes me very dubious about the future of the US.

This document is public domain; spread the message.