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The People Who Don't Panic

19 March 2022

The most important thing you can learn in your life right now is how God operates. He has revealed it to us. The packaging of that revelation isn't necessarily the easiest to handle, but it's all there. The biggest problem is that we bring the wrong expectations to the encounter. The way this works is that, if you approach the Word with genuine faith and commitment to Christ, you'll soon realize that your cultural endowment is a pile of chains that need to be broken. Your faith will be weighed down with a flesh nature convinced it knows all the answers. So, to satisfy the burning desire of your heart, you'll have to leave that crap behind and learn a different approach.

In writing on this blog, I cannot teach you faith. All I can do is help you wade through the process of eliminating what isn't faith. Over and over again: Faith is not what you know and can comprehend with your mind. Faith is what drives you against what your flesh knows. You really need to throw it all away and come to the Father like a child.

We are children who really don't know what the Lord is about to do in our world. Even if we make the most of all the wisdom of people who do see rather clearly, it's not enough. There are too many actions God intends to take that our world's sages cannot comprehend. So, on the one hand, we know quite a bit about the economic collapse and how evil people have planned it. It's not some kind of superhuman omniscience that drives those evil people. It's the same self-centered ravening humans have always suffered since Cain killed Abel. They are driven by one kind of idolatry or another, and those who have some real talent to waste on themselves will tend to rise to prominence in such things. The Lord is going to unleash them for a time.

On the other hand, it's the same protocol we've seen throughout history as recorded in the Bible. Satan's commission is to offer temptations that cannot be real. That's his job; he stands outside the camp of the Covenant and lures people to leave the boundaries. His offers are plausible to the flesh, but the heart knows better. Thus, it really depends on what you listen to inside your own soul. These gifted fools are permitted to rise only just so far before Satan is obliged to crush them. All their herding together as a community of brilliant and talented predators will not save them.

So, what you and I face is the same atmosphere of tribulation that will accompany God's dealings with sinners at large. We are protected in ways hard to define. The Blood of Christ is upon the doorposts of our lives, but we shall still find ourselves driven out of our human comfort zone. Don't get too comfortable, but certainly make grateful use of what the Lord provides along the way. Nail your flesh to the Cross and seek His glory.

The whole point is that we become the People Who Do Not Panic. It's quite likely that, even when we are careful to follow our convictions in preparation for bad times, some of those preparations will turn out to be impertinent. The point is not what you have done to prepare, but that you honed your heart's hearing. Abraham went through a whole passel of work taking Isaac up on Mount Moriah, only to find out that the real plan was something he could not possibly have guessed. Was it wasted effort? No. The whole point was Abraham's faith, not his accomplishments. You will always be led to do things that move your soul to a better place of understanding, and things will become clear only afterward.

The issue is whether you will obey. Until the day you die, you will always be in faith training. A very early mile marker on that path is getting to the place where you aren't bothered by "wasted" effort and resources. God can supply more than you'll ever need. If you realize your need for training in commitment and obedience, then you don't feel jerked around about it. That's just the first milestone on a very long, rough road.

Don't get hung up on the stuff you collected or built, in obedience to your convictions, as you did your best to prepare for the coming tribulation. The first issue is that you sought the Lord in your own heart to discern what He wanted. Never mind why He wanted this or that, just obey. When it turns out that some of what you did means nothing in the new context, don't get discouraged. It's just stuff. "All Creation is just a tool for His glory." One of my friends made that famous and it's very true. Indeed, your life in this world is also nothing more than stuff He can use according to His whims. Another maxim I learned: "It doesn't have to make sense to us; it makes sense to God."

If God wants you to store up everything people could use in an emergency, build that warehouse. If all He wants is for you to pack a lunch, then make it a good one. There is no one-size-fits-all for this tribulation preparation. There is only you obeying your convictions. But know that we are facing an apocalypse. Worse, it's multi-staged and covers more years than some of us have left on this earth. This is a major event of biblical proportions -- the downfall of a global civilization. You need to focus on things that will still serve His glory when it's all finished. What can you build that will stand after a global disaster? Hint: It won't be tangible.

Don't get worked up about how much the evil fools will accomplish. Sooner or later their plans will fail. They rely too much on things they simply cannot control, and things about which they are deceived. They will be shocked by how it all comes apart, right when it appears they have everything in place. Don't be shocked with them. Yes, a massive pile of sorrows is coming, but they aren't permanent.

Learn the language of faith in your heart. Be assured that the Father will guide you, and be warned that there must of necessity come some surprises. The issue is not what you accomplish on the way, but that you remain faithful to the path He has marked out for us. We are in this together; let's support each other. Let's lean on each other. Stay humble, because you most certainly do not know it all. The best you can possibly know is what God requires of you right now. And that requirement can change radically without warning, as "right now" moves forward through time.

Related note: Don't get too invested in whether Russia wins or loses in Ukraine. A Russian victory of some sort is currently very likely, but it won't make much difference in the long run. The broader economic warfare won't end until the aggressive Western globalists either win the whole world or are crushed decisively. They are the real problem with the world right now, building a Tower of Babel until their unity is destroyed.

This document is public domain; spread the message.