Catacomb Resident Blog

Message Clarity

20 March 2022

I can't just hand you a written list of things. Obedience to the Covenant is not like that. It's impossible to obey in the flesh. It requires that you to activate and invest your own will and time in prayer. It requires that you test your conscience against our convictions, generally all day long. Your day is naturally punctuated by those moments when the Holy Spirit moves in your soul to get your attention on something. You need to develop the instinct to turn in prayer to the Lord.

He will answer and reveal what you need to know.

That much I can tell you from my own experience. Here's the thing: Under the Covenant, God always tells you what you need to know -- always. You may recall reading how the Lord faithfully answered His Covenant People through various means of inquiry. Technically, those means would still work so long as your are faithful to the Covenant. But they aren't necessary. The Holy Spirit has moved inside; He lives in us. You can use the rituals if you feel so moved, but they are no longer required. The Covenant has been translated; He speaks through your convictions.

And as previously noted, your convictions are best understood in light of the written Word. And the written Word is best understood in light of an honest appraisal and embrace of ancient Hebrew culture. You'll never get there, but you'll always be going there. What God measures in your soul is your genuine desire for Him. That counts more than anything; it's the core of spiritual progress.

So here's the basic requirement of the God's Law on the earth: Nobody has any business trying to govern your daily life unless they are related by blood or covenant, and preferably both. Need I remind you that not a single human government on this earth passes that test? We are instructed in the Word to try to get along, but to never take seriously the claims of any human government to justly rule. In the long run, human governments simply make on difference.

Every human agency on this earth is uncovered. They are subject to all the confusion of demonic deceptions and the random misfortunes of God's wrath. Only a genuine covenant nation can expect anything better. Actually, it's not random at all, but only seems random to those who reject Christ's lordship. The whole symbolism behind the blood on the doorposts is that you claim the Covenant. If your claim isn't valid in God's eyes, the blood does not cover you. It's a meaningless gesture, ritual without power.

This is what Jesus meant when He talked about the Tower of Siloam falling on those poor victims. It fell on them because they had no effective Covenant covering. The nation had been led outside the divine hedge. "Unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish." Had they been faithful, they would have known about the weakness in the tower's structure, because God would have warned them.

This is the proper image for understanding Satan's place in God's Kingdom. There is the boundary hedge and the camp of God's dwelling is inside. It's not that God doesn't own the rest of Creation, but that He has granted to us a limited domain of operations. Satan has been granted dominion over this world, since we gave it to him in the Garden of Eden. In this world, we are constrained by those Covenant boundaries, which are in our best interest. We have a special place in His divine will, and it is limited. Satan is no longer in rebellion; he serves that Lord in ways that make no sense at all to Westerners, but it all makes perfect sense within the ancient Hebrew culture. The Devil stands outside the camp, tempting us to pass through the hedge of protection.

Out there, we belong to Satan and his appointed task of executing God's wrath. We are under his divinely appointed dominion; we serve in his feudal domain. This applies on multiple levels, so that one part of your life might be safe, while another is at risk in the hands of Satan. He intercepts all the blessings and words from God in that domain, just like a slave owner keeps all the productivity of his slaves.

So if you want the Covenant blessings of shalom and the promises of protection and warning, you need to keep yourself inside the boundaries of the Covenant. It's not rules; it's the heart of our Father inside our hearts. You have a divine duty to seek Him actively, every moment of your waking hours.

America will receive very limited prophetic warnings to repent. We are very fortunate to have that much. There are plenty of nations in the world so very far distant from God's camp that they don't even get that. They are subject to all kinds of natural and demonic threats with no warning from God, because they are too deeply in Satan's hands. It doesn't matter if they don't understand it; God speaks to the whole world on His own terms. We all have within us something that knows. We all have a consciousness of divinity, and we are held accountable on God's terms.

So while the US has never been a covenant nation by any stretch of the imagination, God does have Covenant People within the borders of the country. Many of them are unfaithful, but they still belong inside His camp, so He calls to them. If you are conscious of the Covenant, then you are part of that call. You harvest the shalom and demonstrate what God has promised, as well as the terms of the Covenant.

You are the message. Is that message clearly sounded through you?

This document is public domain; spread the message.