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The Real Horror

21 March 2022

This weighs heavy on my soul: Almost nobody in America understands the nature of the Covenant. If you read all the blather and hear all the songs and messages, gather them together in summary, you'll discern that the trend is on just about everything else, but not the Covenant.

You won't hear much about building a moral infrastructure -- the habits and customs that guide people and their values. You'll hear about "culture war" but it will always be wrapped in the US flag, not the identity of the ancient Hebrew culture. How hard is it to understand that conservative American values are not very much like what's in the Bible? Rather, American values are derived from pagan sources, and simply read back into the Bible.

I'm going to pick on one topic that should indicate the radical difference between pagan western values and those of the Bible: pedophilia. I use this often because it features so very much in the social media of the alt-right. I'm not going to tell you it's okay in the Bible; I'm going to tell you that Americans have no clue what the Bible has to say about it. Instead, Americans make childhood into an idol, a sacred shrine that displaces God in their hearts.

The real sin here is not despoiling sacred childhood. The real evil is turning away from the Covenant. Americans have no sense of building up a Covenant society. Everything you think, do and say must serve the purpose of manifesting the Covenant of Christ. He is your feudal Master, and your only purpose in living in this world is to manifest His glory. And He has said that His glory is in the Covenant community and its resilience across the generations.

A valid Covenant community in Christ is withdrawn from this pagan society in which we live. It is a feudal tribe that does not assimilate to the prevailing culture. The community has its own place to live away from the pagan society, internal private education and as little commerce as possible outside the community. There would be no TVs, almost no cellphones, precious little computer stuff, and a very strong signature lifestyle that, at the very least, annoys the outsiders.

And if you cannot be part of a Covenant community, you would still stand out as radically different. You'll have no significant concern with what impresses the ambient society. You won't care whether your ways would be socially acceptable. Yes, some of you will certainly be bound by the necessities of infiltrating social institutions, but only so that you can manifest a difference among them.

If Americans were really concerned with children having sex too young, there would be revolution in the streets. Kids are having sex very young these days, and it's often perverted by what they learn in school. No, the only real outcry is that kids must not have sex with adults. It's okay as long as it's other kids. Do you see the hypocrisy?

What's really wrong with pedophilia is that it does not build the Covenant community. It's typically a very self-centered, anti-Covenant act. There is no social infrastructure to support building a Covenant community, so the people who engage children in sex are simply joining everyone else worshiping at the sacred shrine of childhood. Seeing children as sex objects is built into western society, where sexual pleasure has become a religion. Worse, our American social mythology encourages children to desire sex with adults. You would not believe how easy it is to find willing "victims".

They get such a horrific dose of bad parenting that they are left with a vast ocean of unfulfilled emotional needs. They are raised in an artificial atmosphere, in that schooling isolates them from adult society. They create their own culture and model themselves after fools who are famous for their folly. Thus, each generation becomes the enemy of the previous. This is an abomination.

The Tower of Babel teaches us that God intends for us to be isolated into small tribal communities. The globalist mantra of cosmopolitan inclusion and diversity is from Satan.

It is not possible to build a Covenant community through activism. It is a miracle from God or it isn't valid. It must be voluntary from start to finish. People must embrace the Covenant commitment for themselves; it cannot work by compulsion. However, if you grant your kids wide open access to the perverse culture around you, they won't be strong enough to resist the seductive siren song. Current American law makes it virtually illegal to form a Covenant community.

So when will God form such communities? After He has destroyed America. We are in another Days of Noah situation. In our case, we appear to have less than a century before the Day of Destruction comes -- the Bible uses the phrase "in that day". We need to keep the Word of truth alive until it's here. That way, those who survive will have something to work with. It's not ink and paper that "stands forever", but the Word written in our hearts. So let's make sure it's written there.

Stop waving the pedophilia flag of terror. Pedophilia is just a sexual orientation like any other. It's just another symptom along with other sexual perversions; it's all one package. How about a little Covenant orientation, hmmm? To Hell with your sexual fulfillment; let's have a little Covenant fulfillment. Until we turn back to it, nothing good can happen on this earth.

Historical note: Genuinely mystical societies seldom indulged in sexual perversion. Pedophilia wasn't much of an issue in Hebrew society because the folks didn't make an idol of childhood. A girl was ready to marry when her parents thought so, and it mostly had to do with menarche. The primary problem with sexual perversion was actually the influence of perverted pagan religions and ritual sex. The Hebrew culture itself maintained that even sex was subject to the long-term plans of Jehovah, and the human desire for sexual fulfillment was just a side issue from the Fall. This changed only when the Greeks invaded the area with its man-centered focus.

Meanwhile, pedophilia was present from the birth of the West, starting at least with Greek Civilization. Pedophilia in general, and pederasty in particular, is built into Classical Studies. It was present in Rome and in the Germanic tribes that invaded the Roman Empire. It was present in the hierarchy throughout Church History in both West and East. It didn't start with liberalism. Instead, it was simply a matter of elite privilege. Nobles didn't allow it with their own children for the most part, but didn't hesitate to abuse peasant children. So what we have in the US today is the quintessential middle class panic about pedophilia as the pretense of middle class folks trying to seize noble class privileges, but without ever being actually noble. Pedophilia is the bitch wife of materialism.

This document is public domain; spread the message.