Catacomb Resident Blog

Do You Really Get It?

23 March 2022

The die is cast; there is no turning back.

Do you understand what an apocalypse is? Has it registered in your mind that this tribulation is not short-term? Get ready for the long haul. A very large portion of those alive today will not see the departure of God's wrath before they die.

Look, folks -- do you comprehend that this economic collapse is effectively permanent? Think about what it was that brought the West so much prosperity. First was the awful sin of materialism rooted in the foundation of Western Civilization. For a western mind, this world is all there is. Everything we might say about eternity is automatically translated into "time without end". That's not what it means. Eternity is a qualitatively different kind of thing altogether. It means this world is gone; time becomes a variable.

When your entire civilization operates from the assumptions of materialism, you cannot possibly build something that will keep working for long. It will go through cycles of boom and bust. Each new wave of prosperity carries the seeds of collapse. At some point, the collapses all run together. Right now, we have just finished a wave of prosperity that stood on global trade in the sense that the entire world was one single market.

The last wave of material prosperity was when we shipped a large measure of commodity production offshore to weaker economies. It brought prices down for everyone, even those who worked as slaves in those weaker economies. Now those economies are all grown up. There is no more cheap production to be had. The only poor countries left are those with cultures that discourage people from being productive.

Bringing production back home won't do any good. There's no work force here ready to pick up the slack. The US has become unproductive. It's complicated, I know, but that's the net result. Nobody wants to pay the wages you must offer here to get good workers, but at the same time, the new generation has no understanding or interest in hard work. Everyone has been conditioned to a free ride on "knowledge work".

It makes no difference if you start talking about how this was all according to the plans of evil elites because they can't turn it back now. The problem is that we are in the early stages of a very long apocalypse. We will be lucky to survive, as just about every bit of productive capacity we have will be committed to just the basic necessities of life. The middle class will disappear. And that rising poverty line is going to nibble on the heels of the wealthier folks until a lot of them fall below it.

Meanwhile, Nature is rebelling against our moral perversion. We'll have horrific droughts over much of the US; earthquakes, storms, floods and all manner of natural disasters will plague us. The elite are working very hard to kill us, too. But there are no clear and neat schemes that will work as they might like. No, there is going to be a lot of social and political unrest -- invasions, revolts, civil wars, etc. Most trade will stop very soon, and what's left will be very fragile.

And this is not even the End Times. It's just another divine reset on the way toward the Day of Judgment. If the Lord moves you, go ahead and get married, start a family, build a house, etc. Just keep in mind that it's going to come with a lot of tests humanity hasn't seen in centuries. We are the tribulation generation, for several generations.

This stuff is coming at us in waves, some man-made, some natural, and some a combination of those two. Demons have been set loose to drive people mad. Nobody is in a position to stop it now except God, and He's the one who has warned His wrath is coming. This will be a major extinction event; civilization itself will collapse all over the world. It won't be done until a micro-nova strikes the earth and wipes out the material infrastructure and moves land masses around. What doesn't get burned up will be knocked down by tectonic shifts.

Prepare yourselves accordingly, folks. Use as much of our modern conveniences as you can until the system behind them fails. Be ready for that; make plans accordingly. This thing won't stop until we are back at the Stone Age. Get used to the idea. Make sure you invest in the one thing that cannot be squelched until you let it die: the Word of God in your heart.

This document is public domain; spread the message.