Catacomb Resident Blog

Built on Sand

26 March 2022

There are no lines of demarcation. While the academic meaning of "recession" would indicate there are distinct boundaries to the term, in real world experience, it all merges together into one big mess. We have already entered into a recessionary phase; it's going to get worse, so that during this calendar year, it will become painfully obvious. At some point, the talking heads will start to recognize it officially.

We were already headed this way for a long time. Biden's policy of restricting domestic petroleum production and distribution only exacerbates a long existing problem. He is part of much larger cultural commitment to what can only be called "communism" when you get down to it. But here's something you won't get from the mainstream: Communism is even more materialistic than so-called conservative middle-class capitalism. The latter at least pretends to acknowledge the idea of transcendent things, but the former denies it flatly.

And after all, it really doesn't matter what labels we use. The globalists are communists in disguise, but the real problem is the truculence toward God's revelation. Keep in mind the definition of the word "sin": anything except what God says. God says the only way to harvest the limited blessings He offers after the Fall is through His revelation.

Yes, that revelation is now bound up in Jesus Christ, but most of those who claim to follow Christ do not really follow Him. God didn't choose the Hebrew people out of a mixed bag of what was available. He built the Hebrew nation from scratch. He chose Abraham and pulled him into a covenant. He bound Abraham's descendants under certain standards and promises. He led the fledgling tribe through various experiences to shape their character. The lore of their understanding of God and the world around them was carefully shaped by bringing along the Mesopotamian Aramaic background and mixing it with the Egyptian. Moses grew up in Pharaoh's court for forty years, then spent another forty years with his distant kinfolks recovering the nomadic Aramean lifestyle.

God chose this path because it was the one best frame of reference for understanding Him and His will for humanity. You cannot separate the divine revelation from the packaging; that's a fundamental Hebrew assumption. The western attempt to abstract "truth" into something pure without flavor was actually a perversion of revelation based on pagan notions. The cultural flavor is an integral part of the message itself.

That message was slowly corrupted over the centuries as Israel kept flirting with pagan world views. The Exile was a one-two punch -- Babylonian and Persian -- that weakened them and set them up for the Greek kill shot. The introduction of Aristotelian logic turned the liberty of the ancient mystical Hebrew culture into a legalistic monster of hatred and oppression. The result was Pharisaism, which became Judaism. And it should be obvious that Jesus fought to restore the ancient Hebrew mysticism as the basis for His Messianic Sheikdom. Yes, the only proper term for His domain is "sheikdom". If you portray it in other historic flavor, you will violate the message of Christ.

Over the centuries, the organized Christian churches have lost their way. John foresaw this and mentioned it in his Revelation; the note of sadness is hard to miss. He knew that, as the last living of the Twelve Apostles, the Hebrew mystical orientation would fade away. He and the others had striven mightily to build it into the nature of church teaching, but it was all forgotten by the a priori assumption of western minds that the ancient Hebrew cultural orientation wasn't necessary. This tore the churches from their roots, and they drifted all over the place.

The only proper model for human life is the Ancient Near Eastern feudal tribal lifestyle. This is the Covenant; it's what God requires for His blessings. Without this, you cannot harvest the fullness of what God said He would provide to those who live through this mortal existence on the way back to Eden. It's not as if people cannot bypass the whole thing to gain some external appearance of shalom, but it's all a lie from Satan. What makes it so confusing to human wisdom is that God operates on a scale far beyond the human lifespan. You can have the materialistic rewards without obeying the Word, but not for long.

Thus, the very best that mankind can do without the Word is this horrific tragedy toward which we are now sliding. The long cycles are built into Creation itself. All the material prosperity is meaningless without peace with God. The material wealth stands on nothing and eventually fades away. When people ignore revelation (the Flaming Sword and the Cross) and dream up all kinds of other ways in an attempt to slip back into Eden, they end up in Hell because they have no idea what Eden is.

Has it never occurred to you that God has His own preferred economic policy? It's quite different from what you are taught in school, and no man-made economic theory will work long term because they are all uniformly contrary to the moral DNA of Creation itself. The US economy was dead when it was born. Our founding fathers had long rejected the truth of the Bible, and built a Tower of Babel. Now comes the dispersion by the force of God's own hand, and the tower will collapse into the sands on which it was built.

This document is public domain; spread the message.