Catacomb Resident Blog

Covenant Resolve in Tribulation

30 March 2022

I'm betting on the US herding NATO into a ground war against Russia, and probably China, as well. I doubt this calendar year will end before the US moves to institute a military draft, this time including females. This conscription will offer some options for FEMA service, of course.

And naturally, with that kind of war mobilization, the government will seize control of economic assets. If they can get away with nationalizing personnel, then there's nothing to keep them from nationalizing every physical asset. That's the whole point. The war itself is just the cover for enslavement. This is actually a war against the population of the US, not Russia, so the wartime mobilization policies will simply be a gateway to the next step in slavery. The wartime posture, with all the "emergency" policies granting government officials total control at their whims, will become permanent.

Thus, you can expect that your days in the future will be more and more consumed with just staying alive. You'll be forced to reconsider what you regard as "necessary" for living day to day. Be prepared to sacrifice conveniences you take for granted now.

Activists and the majority of mainstream organized religion are gearing up for some sort of resistance. The variations in agenda won't matter; they are all wrong. If you are not promoting the Covenant, then you are operating in the domain of Satan. Nowhere in the current range of competing agendas do we see the Covenant boundaries. God's Laws for mankind have few champions in this world. In the main, we are obliged to stand back from all the non-Covenant aspirations of mankind.

How far you stand back is a matter of your convictions. Some of us are called to infiltrate deeply into the system for the glory of the Lord. Most of us will be called to fly under the radar as much as possible. This is a time when using the world's system for promoting the gospel message means a greater reliance on anonymity. We need to consider how we will keep our religion out of the government's reach. In first century Rome, it was holding worship services in the Catacombs because non-Christians were too spooked to go in there. During times of tribulation and apocalypse, when human systems are overtly hostile to the gospel, we have to discern what battles the Lord calls us to fight.

More than ever, this is a time for Covenant believers to get serious about making room for God to call other believers differently. Doctrinaire posturing for the sake of exclusion is Satan's agenda. We need to support each other regardless of our differences, because uniformity is exactly the wrong expectation in persecution.

So, you need offer no apology for obeying your convictions. The world at large is hostile toward such divine truth and some of your fellow believers are operating outside the Covenant. You don't have to fellowship with people who violate the Covenant. Claiming a Christian identity is not a passport; that's the meaning of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. What matters is covenant behavior. You must not allow someone else to define for you what the Covenant requires. Follow your convictions.

This document is public domain; spread the message.