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April Fool's Values

01 April 2022

The biblical value system is radically different from what is common in the US today. Honestly folks; stop and contemplate it. I've done my best to lay bare for you on this blog the vast difference in fundamental assumptions. Let's review just a little.

This world is doomed. To be more precise, everything that fallen mankind has accomplished will be wiped away at Christ's return. It will be forgotten in the end. There will be a Day of Judgment in which the Lord compares what fallen men have done to Creation versus His glorious provision in Eden. Make no mistake: Eden is how we are designed to live. God commissioned us to manage the natural world by His Word, not by our talents and reason.

Nothing mankind can do on its own can compare with God's provision. In our eternal form, we know everything already. We wouldn't have to dig into Creation and study it; we would already have it in our grasp. Creation itself would tell us everything, and we would be able to receive it. Fallen men have no capacity for that; human intellect is incapable. If you can walk by faith from your heart, you'll discover this for yourself. Your heart will tell you everything you need to know, and you stop the frantic search for facts.

So, all this scrambling to save human knowledge against rising chaos and collpase is actually a waste of time. God commissions Satan to lead fallen men through the same futile exercise of building up great civilizations over and over, only for them to collapse under their own weight. A great deal of ancient knowledge has been lost. We see it in evidence of great accomplishments no longer understood -- the Nazca Lines, the Pyramids, Greek Fire, etc. Our civilization is next.

I'm not suggesting human intelligence cannot be improved and make strides toward a worthy goal. Rather, it hasn't been in very long time. It's always harnessed to futility. It's always serving false assumptions about reality, about our human condition, and false assumptions about human need. When you reorder your assumptions based on revelation and faith, you realize that an awful lot of effort has been wasted on things that do not help at all. Human curiosity has led us into a lot of struggle over things that make no real difference in our fallen condition.

Science isn't evil; it's misguided. The massive effort behind science has no valid end without faith and moral vision. It is not possible to evaluate what humans have accomplished from the fallen perspective; it is circular logic. The God who made it all, and obviously understands things we will never be able to discover, is not impressed. Everything we really need has been in His hands, offered for the asking. But the request must be made in faith. And "faith" means feudal commitment and submission a priori.

It's the biggest April Fool's joke of all: Satan has convinced the human race to chase mists in the wind. The only real human need isn't knowledge and the means to change the world. Our real need is peace with God. Nothing else matters. Get that worked out and your thirst for knowledge will be properly trained as to what is the best vintage. You'll then understand and value that is truly valuable.

This document is public domain; spread the message.