Catacomb Resident Blog

Where Does He Want You?

03 April 2022

Under the Covenant, we cannot avoid resisting sin. Eventually, it will be to the point of shedding blood. However, our choice of battles will naturally be different from just about everyone outside the Covenant.

We are neither conservative nor liberal in social or political terms. The common western mode of thinking about such things is an artificial division. The whole point is to create conflicts on false grounds, and ruthlessly squelch conflict on biblical grounds. The Covenant leads to very effective living for the otherworldly focus, and that's the last thing the elites want. Of course, Satan has deceived them about their power, and about what really matters. Their kingdoms and their idols will crumble soon enough. We trust in the Lord.

So, there is no formula for resistance, because we are not ideologues about it. If you follow the alt-right, alt-left or any other agenda, you will be working against the Covenant. It's not the specific choices that matter, but the false orientation. We do not pretend that there's any way we will ever have a decent human government. The foundations are all man-made and totally incapable of standing very long. The Covenant is so radically different from anyone out there today that cynicism is righteous -- don't expect much.

The idea that a human community can devise a better government than the one God requires of us is a lie from Hell. Thus, the common resistance agenda portrayed in the alternative media is sadly just as evil as the oppression of globalist plans. There is no such thing as "God given rights". There is only our Covenant duty. We obey; we have no leverage against those outside the covenant community except prayer. We are forbidden to do very much in the way of defending the community. We could resist some encroachments, but we must understand from the start that it's more about obeying from the heart and less about succeeding in changing the situation.

Sooner or later our oppressors will seize our private property, our bank accounts, etc. Don't put your faith in any form of resistance, as if your property is some sacred right. That's a false path. Rather, be ready to face oppression with grace. There is nothing any force in this world can do to change your convictions. Trust in the Lord who wrote your convictions into your soul with His own finger. The hard part is knowing the difference between false teaching from the western materialist philosophy and your actual convictions.

It's not evil to accept the Real ID demanded by the federal government. It's not wrong to leave your money in the banking system. It's not wrong to go along with a lot of other oppressive crap, unless your convictions demand you resist. Don't expect to accomplish anything except obeying the Lord from your heart. The issue is that you are conscious of what's happening. Know that the tracking and digitization of your life is evil, but also know that it cannot win in the long term.

In other words, a lot of this subtle warfare against us doesn't matter, certainly not in the way the alternative media insists it matters. In many ways, those who seek to lead a resistance movement are just as elitist as the oppressors. You'd be shocked at how, behind the scenes, many major figures in the alt-right are keeping secrets from you and cynically herding you into doing things that make money for themselves. They aren't willing to sacrifice their middle class lifestyle for you.

Go ahead, read the various sites on all sides of the political issues. Be aware of their claims, if you have time and inclination to learn such things. If a particular source offers a subscription-based insider's access, be cautious. If they have advertising on their site, be aware how that shoots holes in their claims to be looking out for your interest. It's not so much evil as just pointing out what they value most. If they wear nicer clothes than you do, be suspicious of everything they might say. Stop and discern where they are taking you.

Let me boast only in the Lord -- I write here what He does in my life. You need not copy me at all, but I testify to you that, by His grace, I live joyfully in relative poverty. That doesn't make me morally superior to anyone; poverty itself is not particularly righteous, but it does remove a lot of temptation. That's where the Lord wants me. Where does He want you?

Side note: There is no hope of changing the globalist agenda from within the system. They own it. There is no hope of changing their minds. While they live, they will ramrod through their idolatrous agenda, and are hostile to the will of the people. Stop pretending that the system can be used against them.

This document is public domain; spread the message.