Catacomb Resident Blog

Not the Monkey Wrench

04 April 2022

I wish I had the words to declare this. Maybe you have already sensed it in your heart. The situation in the US crossed some invisible line the other day. It's not something I can point out rationally; it's completely spiritual in nature. You either get it or you don't. It's as if the Lord told Satan to begin the next increment of torment for his minions on this earth, stirring them to greater madness.

For example, if you are eligible for a military draft, let me advise you to start thinking about ways to avoid it. All the more so if you are a Covenant believer, because a genuine Covenant faith is already technically illegal here in the US. In the military, it's far worse, as the leadership is more likely to push godless regulations to the nth degree. They are more proactive and have been taught that it's their duty to punish wrong-think.

Some of what's coming at us will be subtle and hard to pin down. If you think online censorship has been bad already, you ain't seen nothing yet. From multiple different angles, it's going to get harder and harder to publish content that is faithful to the gospel message. Many of the new restrictions will slip in unnoticed at first. It won't be obvious, but little hindrances and inconveniences will compound to silence God's truth.

And the process is being automated. There will be an increasing reliance of AI to handle things. Don't you just love the idea of an AI collective controlling the censorship on the Net? But it gets worse: Klaus Schwab spoke of having laws written by AI, and court cases tried before AI judges. This brings two woes. First is that AI will make law and justice a very, very dark place. Second is that, when it fails due to power outage or something similar, the whole system of government shuts down. Think about all the ways daily survival for most people depends on government decisions. Taking humans out of government processes guarantees any kind of shut-down will be deadly for people.

Dystopian movies could never have guessed just how awful, and yet how mundane it would all be. Have you ever seen a CAFO (confined animal feeding operation)? Picture the vast rows of cages all facing a feeding conveyor belt. It smells awful and nobody can move. This is a fair representation of how the elite have sought to condition us, to turn us all into a commodity. The term "commoditize" refers to the process of making everything alike and interchangeable, not to mention cheap. That's what they have been doing to us.

The only real antidote to this is to refuse to be commoditized. The only way to break the system is to exit the herding process. Violate their expectations; become anomalous. And the most effective way for that is to increase your heart-borne awareness. The whole point is not to be uniform in your resistance, but to be assertively unique. The maximal path is through your convictions. God has blessed us with the best balance between commonality and uniqueness. This kind of push-back is the one threat they cannot contain, because it defies all their doctrines. No AI could possibly predict how your convictions will steer you.

Conviction and faith are super-rational; they transcend human reason. Further, it is the strongest thing in the universe. Mere emotion and sentiment aren't strong enough to carry you through to death, but faith is.

A native element of faith and spirit is that, when the context gets more evil, your obedience to faith gets stronger. In other words, the only proper response to the rising demonic madness of the world is to reinforce the boundaries of the Covenant. Become more careful than ever about walking in obedience to your convictions. Be a little less flexible about what you'll tolerate. It's not a matter of being a nit-picking legalistic grouch, but of turning away from evil quicker.

That means less TV, less YouTube, less commercial media of all kinds. Don't spend money or time on the trash that is designed to condition you to sit in your cage in the CAFO. This is not some philosophical monkey-wrench activism. Your flesh cannot be creative enough to confound evil, but your convictions are already there. Raise your moral standards in the face of every effort to remove those standards. Don't buy into the value system being fed to you in that conveyor trough.

We can be assured prophetically that the moment it seems evil is about to triumph, it will crash to ground.

This document is public domain; spread the message.