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Build Your Own Ark

07 April 2022

What we see today is not just more of the same. This is a unique time in human history; we are headed for a Noah level of global reset. On our way down, mankind will justify God's wrath by showing just how stupid and evil we can be.

It will take a while yet, but things have been set in motion and there's no turning back. While we are waiting, we can shine the light of glory by how we prepare. On the one hand, there are plenty of things we need to abandon. We need a fresh consciousness of what holiness means, and just how precious it is. On the other hand, the path to shining His glory in our holiness means we keep putting out the message. We should keep taking advantage of whatever means our Father has provided for that message.

For me, that means I won't bail out of the Internet just yet. We've been granted a reprieve on that. The Lord has permitted some limited push-back on the global censorship efforts. Frankly, I was ready to just drop the whole thing, but recent changes hard to quantify have signaled divine indulgence for a time. My convictions have changed on the issue; I'll give God the credit for hearing us on this.

That doesn't mean we can keep on acting the same as before; it's a limited reprieve. Windows, Mac to some degree, and certainly Android and iOS will all continued to slide down the path of tightening controls. And while there are activists in the Open Source world eager to push the wokie idolatry on everyone, it's turns out to be muted in effect. In this case, the fragmentation of the Open Source software community is a blessing. There are too many projects that simply won't cave to the wokie orthodoxy. You can still find various Linux distributions that won't participate in censorship.

But be warned: It's going to require more tech savvy from you. I'm not saying that Windows is useless, at least not yet. What I'm saying is that the more your independence on the Net matters to your divine calling, the more awareness you'll need to invest in the technology behind and running on top of it. Your convictions will guide you, of course, but this is the kind of thing where your head has to be in the right place to hear your convictions. This blog is not the right place to discuss the details, but those who need the Internet in their Kingdom service will have to bear an increasing burden in that area to dodge the censorship efforts.

There will be no orthodoxy about technology issues. My whole point is that you need to find your own answers, and take the matter seriously. If the Net isn't that important to you, just do your best to back away in the coming days. But some of us still have a clear mission online, and it's getting tougher.

In my case, the primary issue is that there is no clear path in the real world for teaching and fellowship. I have a real life under my real name in the offline world, but I can assure you that almost nobody in that life has any interest in the message the Lord has given me. The Internet is the only place I've found the opportunity to share, to find people who feel led to listen and participate. Believe me; I've tried. Not a single church in my area can tolerate what the Lord has called me to do.

I don't hate those churches for that. I'll give them credit for following their own best understanding of what God demands of them. It's not for me to judge. However, I do remain utterly convinced that the coming apocalypse will shock them, in that they are quite unprepared. For whatever reason, they don't receive the warning. I am convinced that, at some point, there will be a rush to the exits in their membership. Whether it's a matter that they are unable or unwilling, the leaders aren't adapting to the situation. They are chasing other dreams. I can't help them any more. I've tried and they ran me off.

For those who are curious, the stats for this blog peaked in January, and have tapered off. I can broadly suggest that there are a few dozen regular readers. They matter. Those few are important enough for me to keep doing this. My whole point is not that my writing is so wonderful. Rather, I encourage folks to absorb the message and spread it themselves, in their own ways. And as I said, this is a Noah moment. Noah's ark wasn't filled to capacity with humans, and I feel quite certain only a tiny few will be aware of what's coming when the Lord shuts it all down again.

Don't follow me. Take this message and run off down your own path with it. Build your own ark.

This document is public domain; spread the message.