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True Threat Assessment 01

08 April 2022

Let's have a clear look at the threat.

Stop fretting over the war in Ukraine. God has that fully in His hands and there's nothing you and I can do about it. Rather, understand it for what it is: the manifestation of a greater evil that will hit us hard.

Here's the summary. It is war; men kill people and break things. Part of the tactics of warfare includes deception. The fighting on the ground isn't really the issue. Yes, Russia is going to keep bombing Ukrainian military equipment, and seizing as much of eastern and southeastern territory as she can. At some point she will be satisfied that the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine can be protected and the boundaries will stabilize. She is altogether likely to succeed at this.

There is a significant number of rich and powerful people in the US and Europe who hope to prevent stabilization. They very much want a broader regional war, ostensibly aimed at Russia. However, you should make no mistake: Their real declared enemy is you and I. What they do in Ukraine and with Russia is only a manifestation of their true intent. They intend to enslave us and all the Russians, too. They already have us far along that path, and they aren't satisfied with the outcomes just yet. There are more ways they intend to control us. The brouhaha in Ukraine is simply one device in that broader effort to further control us.

Whether our oppressors succeed in getting the US, at least, into this fracas remains to be seen. I believe they could miss the window on Ukraine specifically, but will try to provoke a war with Russia regardless. If they can get NATO prodded into that, I'm pretty sure they will try to make it a full mobilization of American resources. If necessary, they'll provoke an exchange of weapons of mass destruction. They want a really big war, with a draft of troops and seizing all kinds of stuff to support it. I believe their prospects for this are pretty good, but there is a significant resistance they'll have to overcome. Their leverage has limits.

To the degree this project could fail, they are keeping the faux pandemic around as a back-up plan. Again, the actual virus isn't the issue; whatever it is that afflicts people isn't such a significant threat. It's rough enough for a few, but the vaccines are a bigger threat. Worst of all is the limitless power to regulate and restrict human behavior using the virus as their excuse. If this somehow should fail, they have other viruses they can release.

And who can forget that the older trick of climate orthodoxy is still rumbling around in the background? They aren't finished using that as a chain to weigh us down. It remains the cover story for a long series of plans already in place.

They have already used the climate orthodoxy to create a substantial level of censorship on the Net. Next was an even tighter censorship about the faux pandemic. They are now increasing that leverage regarding the alleged Russian threat. The new anti-Russia orthodoxy has risen to even greater heights than for the faux pandemic. Since the noise about Russia doesn't lead directly to social controls, it's the side-effect of a mobilization that has to be used to increase their control over us. That's the real goal, because once those war-time controls are in place, they'll never be relaxed. There will never be a victory until they declare victory over us.

This is not the End Times. If it were, the gospel itself would be the real target. Notice how that is not so. Even the prevalence of the LGBTQ+ agenda is not targeting the gospel specifically. Rather, the whole wokie social orthodoxy thing is simply a weapon, not the war itself. The whole point of all that is to degrade the moral resistance in general; it's an attack on traditional morals and nothing more. Don't be distracted by this. It's not even accurate targeting of the gospel; rather, the globalists have simply bought into the mainstream western claims of what morality is. There's an awful lot of crap included in that target that doesn't come from the Bible. Rather, it's just traditional western morality.

When we do reach the End Times, it will be a very well considered attack on the gospel itself, as it is presented in Scripture, not some western mythological perversion of it. What we see right now is just the eventual ripening fruit of Western Civilization; it's the failure that has always been inherent in the West.

God could easily end the West without a micro-nova. Rather, the coming micro-nova and global catastrophe is targeting something deeper in human civilization as it has come to be, since the days after the Flood. There was something awful in the pre-Flood civilizations that warranted such a catastrophic solution; we can only guess what it might have been, since the Hebrew text is so sketchy about it. But we can see quite clearly around us what provokes the Lord this time, and I've been trying to explain that on this blog from the beginning.

This is just one more big shift on the way to the Final End of this world. Whatever comes after this will see a whole new set of problems arising; I'm guessing it will have to do with AI. Yes, we should not doubt a future civilization will resurrect that nonsense. For us today, the more immediate issue is how God's wrath is falling on the West in general, and the globalist agenda, which appears to be the primary manifestation of what's wrong with the West.

Whether that micro-nova comes sooner or later, the call of Christ is the same: We need to restore the Covenant holiness. Not the popular perversion of it in mainstream organized religion; we need a radically different orientation at the individual level of faith first before we attempt to form faith communities that please the Lord. The gospel message is only incidentally targeted because it bears some vague resemblance to the traditional western morality targeted as a means of weakening tradition itself. What we seek to restore is far more than some human tradition.

The Covenant of Christ is not the target. Indeed, the Covenant is more likely to be attacked by the religious than by the globalists. So while we have to deal with the ruckus kicked up by the globalist elite, a far bigger threat is Christian Zionism. Let's target the real enemy here. Globalism is going to blow over, one way or another. Zionism is an idolatry rooted in previous civilizations. It's a false religion sponsored by the neocons, who in turn are a cover for something even nastier, trying to raise up a post-human super race.

That's the part that strikes me as unchanged since before the Flood. I'm convinced it won't change after the coming micro-nova. It's rooted in the Fall and will keep echoing through time until the Lord Returns.

For now, most of what we fret about today is just noise. The biggest problem we face right now is Christian Zionism in the West. Globalism is just a distraction, a false front to keep us from seeing the real danger. To the degree there is a direct threat to gospel, it's in the doctrine of Zionism. Granted, the neocons aren't Zionist themselves; it's their stalking horse. They are on record opposing an actual modern Israel as homeland of the Jews. They cynically use Israel as a way to distract Christians, not because they actually support Israel. It's the neocons who are promoting war with Russia. You'll notice a great many globalists are on board with this plan, but they aren't the ones running the show.

To sum: The biggest threat to the gospel in our world today is Christian Zionism. Theirs is the most sacred of cows. They aren't fully aware of our rising faith just yet. When they realize what it is, look out. Don't get wrapped up in all the other stuff -- globalism, climate change, wokism, war with Russia, etc. Zionism cooperates with globalism in terms of developing the same engine of oppression. Globalists will strike at the Covenant more by accident than intentionally. Furthermore, the primary battlefield for now is the Internet, and the primary strategy of warfare is information.

Promote the Covenant of Christ; live it. That includes promoting the heart-borne consciousness that releases our convictions into our awareness. Learn how to trust your convictions, and learn how to think like an ancient Hebrew. Focus on the otherworldly; learn to see things in the Spirit Realm. There is nothing any current human evil can do to stop this.

This document is public domain; spread the message.