Catacomb Resident Blog

True Threat Assessment 02

09 April 2022

We continue with a clear look at the threat.

The globalists are a hassle for everyone, not just Covenant believers. They are attempting to take over the world, but are working from a false view of things. They do not realize that, at some point, there will be a push-back that will end their dreams. Globalism carries the seeds of its own destruction.

However, the system of control they are building will outlive them. The neocons have a much more accurate view of reality. They aren't going to get bogged down in the silly lies that have captured the globalists. They are using the globalists to get things turned in the right direction, and then will let them fail.

The neocons are using Zionists the same way. I'm not going to get bogged down in the details of how these two arose in history. What matters to us now is that, during my lifetime, the neocons made it clear they did not support the formation of a modern state of Israel. In their thinking, a major element in Jewish dominance is that they never have a homeland. It's all about the victimology. But at some point, it appears that the neocons found the Zionist agenda a useful way of capturing a political support base.

In due time, when they no longer need the political leverage, the neocons will throw Zionism under the bus, as well. Indeed, they'll throw Israel under the bus, and allow it to collapse. This is what will precipitate at least one major exodus from evangelical churches.

Christian Zionism is not exactly the same thing as evangelical churches, though. The former is a distinct ideology, primarily aimed at social and political policies. Churches are perhaps the handmaiden to this madness. They are dependent on the power of Zionism to keep the flocks large. In general, it is not the churches that will oppose our Covenant teaching. Rather, it is church folks who are Zionist, allied with Israel. Those two are the real threat to the gospel of Christ.

We have to be careful to distinguish the warp and woof of the fabric here. It's not Judaism per se as a religion that threatens the gospel. Rather, Judaism is a problem in that it provides a cover for the neocons and folks like them. The real problem is a certain portion of Jews, some secular and some religious, that form the real "Synagogue of Satan" that plagues the world now. We can't pin them down that easily, but we can see their handprints and footprints all over the place.

The issue with the gospel is restoring the Covenant as a covenant. This is what Satan is opposing, not in rebellion against God, but as his mission from God. That is, a part of the Covenant itself is the existence of temptation outside the boundaries. It has to be this way in a fallen world of mortals. In our human form, there must be boundaries, and that means someone has to run the show outside those boundaries. Satan makes his pay, as it were, from harvesting the blessings meant for God's children when they wander into his domain.

Thus, everyone outside the Covenant boundaries serves Satan. Some serve him more knowingly than others. The Synagogue of Satan, as I use the term here, refers to those who have a fair notion of who their master is, and what makes him happy. He has made them promises that, so far, he appears to have kept for them. They've been doing this for centuries, and while progress has been slow at times, it has been consistent. A part of what they do is seek to make a race of humans who can take over Creation and ignore God altogether. Their chief enemy is naturally those who promote the Covenant.

The Covenant means trying to restore Eden, trying to make it through this life at God's pleasure and eventually returning to Eden as our reward in Eternity. The Synagogue of Satan imagines they can take over this world completely. Since Satan rules it, they believe he has promised to be their Messiah and lead them into some post-human paradise. They want humanity to evolve into something else, and don't want the message of grace interfering with their agenda. It is their mission to lead humanity into the next step in evolution, and the gospel message weakens their leadership.

I'm sure you understand that is only an approximation, an oversimplified explanation. Still, it gets us where we are going: We must endeavor to clarify the gospel message like never before. We must highlight the Covenant boundaries. We cannot afford to stay entangled in the Harlot Church. Given the context of things for now, that means that we begin first by blazing a path through the religious wilderness to find the historic faith, with all the mysticism and otherworldly focus that Jesus taught. Once we reestablish the nomadic independence from human civilization, we stand ready for the apocalypse to bring it all down. Then we can gather the few souls ready to seek the path back to Eden.

The Synagogue of Satan will use every proxy at their disposal to derail the gospel of the Covenant. Up to now, they haven't had to deal with it much. It's been easy so far. But I've seen across the Internet small signs of spiritual awakening. Keep in mind, I chose that image of individual nomadic independence carefully. I'm not trying to gather folks under my personal religion. I'm seeking to encourage lots of people to establish their own religion. It's all about faith itself, and you developing your personal expression of faith. As my friend likes to say, this is all about how to do religion -- the true gospel is a meta-religion. Mine is a little different from his and we both agree that's the way it should be.

The immediate threat is the various efforts to take over the Net. It's not just censorship of the masses through major services; the enemy is already aware that a good number of folks have fled that trap. The more recent threat is all the various ways Internet access itself can be seized: through devices, software, operating systems, the DNS backbone, etc. As long as it's just a few fringe nuts like me muttering to themselves, it's not much a problem for them. But if the idea itself of independent Covenant faith starts to spread, they will have a cow.

That's what we are trying to do.

This document is public domain; spread the message.