Catacomb Resident Blog

True Threat Assessment 03

10 April 2022

We will finish our clear look at the threat.

The key issue here is a genuine faith covenant first, with the encouragement that you formulate your own expression of that faith. Jehovah portrayed Himself consistently as a desert nomad sheikh, and following Him means using that same parable for how we live. We aren't building a nest in this world, just passing through on the way to Eternity.

A critical element is that faith itself cannot be reduced to concrete notions in your head. Rather, we bulldoze the tangled growth of our intellects and set down deeply the concrete expressions of faith that match the historical record of divine revelation. That way the actual faith itself has a good setting for speaking to our minds about what God requires. Our minds can then organize and implement what faith demands.

Faith is rooted in your heart, not your head.

This will come under attack from all sides. It's inherently anti-western, so that's enough reason by itself. But when we talk about how the Covenant of Moses was translated into the Covenant of the Messiah, and that the original Israel is dead and cannot walk again, that's when we start getting under the skin of certain truly dangerous folks. On the one hand, Christian Zionists will ridicule that, if it ever gets their attention. On the other hand, Israel is an instrument of oppression. Mossad has used its position in Big Tech to shut down sites that got too much attention pressing that teaching. They will work through proxies to harass the ideas, and through a different kind of proxy to attack the technology that spreads the message. They've already done this many times.

We have to be careful how we approach the task. We dare not rely on the means and methods used by the Harlot Church. This is not a call for cultural change, social influence or political activism. This transcends all of that, so it means we must be like a voice in the wilderness. We wait on the Lord to publicize His message and draw others to it. We'll hold very high standards of commitment. And this is what will draw the ire of globalists and others who press their wokism as the new social orthodoxy. When they notice us, they'll attack in various ways, with the blessing and support of neocons.

There was a time when it was mostly verbal harassment and public ridicule. Lately it has been hacking sites and individual computers. Do you realize that a good many victims of computer hacking were chosen for their resistance to wokism? This is part of the reason for my seeking anonymity behind an alter-ego and setting up a blog that would be pretty hard to hack. My site provider runs a pretty tight server. My personal computer is also fairly secure.

God is my publicist. I am neither seeking nor avoiding high traffic. Whether it's one or a million readers, I'm seeking only to be faithful to my Covenant calling for the audience God appoints. Granted, I'm hoping this idea catches on with others. I'd love to share this treasure with the Elect. If I can encourage just a few to promote the Covenant in their own terms on their own sites and services, I'll have one more crown to throw at the Master's feet on That Day.

Make no mistake; they are coming for us. This is not some wild persecution complex. I've been harassed and hacked before under other personas and other locations on the Net. Should the Net become completely unusable, I'm sure the Lord will tell you and me how to share the gospel in other ways. I'm just trying to encourage you to purify and strengthen your faith for that kind of tribulation.

Meanwhile, don't get caught up in worrying about fake threats. In the long run, the globalist and their wokie lackeys are just an annoyance. The war against America is not really aimed at us, though it will certainly affect us. But all of that is simply the background against which we stand forth with the glory of the Lord. The neocons are a front for a more serious threat, but nothing can defeat our message.

This document is public domain; spread the message.