Catacomb Resident Blog

We Are the Fringe

12 April 2022

Stop building earthly kingdoms.

Faith is not knowledge or a skill set. Historical orthodoxy is not going to bring the Lord's protection in tribulation. That's not where the blessing is. Faith is an active trust in the Lord speaking to your soul about your obedience. It's about the power and miracles carrying out your convictions.

The word "faith" refers to a commitment, not a specific content. Always be ready to walk alone, yet always ready to make room for the peculiarities of others who share your commitment. Your convictions know where to draw the line between variations that simply annoy and those that threaten your mission. A major element in faith is handling those annoyances with grace, while turning away people who try to hijack your mission.

It helps fellowship a lot when you operate in the spirit of comparing notes. "This is what my convictions say..." You are not God. You cannot work up a formula that works everywhere, every time, with everyone. You should learn to expect God to drop things on you that make no sense at all, and that don't resonate with others. This obsession with making sense on the human level is the very substance of the Fall.

We press the Covenant gospel message around the fringes of the current public forum known as the Internet. To bring it forward into the center requires perverting it into something else entirely. The only noise allowed in the center is perversion. The process of getting into and remaining in the center requires that perversion; the whole path is fraught with mandatory moral compromise. You are not allowed to speak the truth; the gatekeepers will silence you.

Just recently someone tried to present an accurate statement of the facts about someone in power. They were not allowed to post it in the usual public places, of course, so they tried to use relatively secure services that were still quite popular with the typical audience for his evidence. Indeed, it included services considered secure enough to host child porn and stuff you can't imagine, because those were never taken down. Yet his evidence materials were taken down. The way in which the take-downs happened indicated that US government agencies were watching for it and had a hand in running the services.

Yep, those same US government agencies have been keeping track of the criminal offerings and not taking any action at all. Do you suppose they were participants all along? It's a question worth asking, because it should indicate that the only people getting arrested for sharing child porn, for example, are those who buck the system and don't play along with the feds who control those encrypted drop boxes. In other words, the only real crime is defying the feds, not the content of what you share.

There is nowhere you can go on the Net to avoid their grasp.

The criminal evidence this fellow was trying to post regards a certain major figure in our US federal government. Enforcement agencies had refused to act, and he wanted to blow the whistle. There are very large numbers of people begging for this guy to post it, but he has tried and it keeps getting removed. It's likely there's a contract on his life just for trying. Everyone wants to see this evidence.

The only thing that keeps the gospel of faith alive is that so few are seeking it, or are even open to it. Mainstream religion is no threat to the elite ruling perverts. Too many of those working in religious leadership have their own hidden vices. Some of them don't look like vices at all, if you go by the mainstream doctrines, but they are sins according to Scripture. The very act of organizing religious activity for larger numbers opens the door to such vice. I'm not saying every bigshot religious leader is a pervert, but I will tell you that their conflicts with the ruling elite are limited to things of no consequence, or are pursued in a way that offers no threat to those in power. It's always a conflict over packaging, not faith itself.

This is the time when we all must go to our own tents and seek the Lord's face. Christian leadership is not faithful to the Covenant of Christ. Mainstream Christian religion has drifted so very far from Christ that genuine faith is quite rare. This is the time to pull away, to separate from the herd and leave the clutter of civilization behind. There won't be very many of us. That's not a badge of honor; it's just the facts of the situation. The Lord calls to those of genuine faith.

"Come out from among her, my people."

When we present the Covenant message, there will be few takers, at least for now. When the interest grows, the evil ruling elite will notice. That's when the fun begins.

This document is public domain; spread the message.