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Defining Economic Collapse

13 April 2022

What is your threshold for deciding that food is inedible? You might have to reconsider. Stop and think about it for a moment. It's related to another question: What do you visualize when someone says or writes the words "economic collapse"?

It's a reference to stopping or dramatically slowing economic activity. The money, goods and services stop moving. You are unable to sell or buy for whatever reason; there is no exchange. It doesn't mean you can't get things, but you have to get them on your own. If you have a farm, workshop, or whatever, you can still do some things for yourself, but economic collapse means nobody does for anybody else.

US economic policy has been stupid for a very long time. It is not resilient; it was engineered to make us as dependent as possible, for everything in every direction. For quite some years now, it has stood on the knife edge of consumer credit. The elites plotted a long time ago to condition the majority to put their trust in a very fragile system of exchange that commoditized everything possible, making it cheap to get fresh fruit from the tropics and fresh fish from the far flung seas. Our impending collapse is going to break all of this down, but it won't shut down entirely.

Thus, it's not that everyone starves or lives nearly naked without a home. It means that everyone is stuck with what they can do for themselves locally. Since most people are in no position to do much of anything for themselves, utterly reliant on the daily economic exchange system to survive, it's going to be very tough for them. But it should be obvious that we aren't going down to zero exchange. It's just that a majority of the current economic exchange will stop. You'll have to settle for what you can get locally.

You don't have to prep for the Apocalypse. Things will be bad, but not that bad (at least, not from economic collapse). What you have to prepare for is not the end of all things, but a transition period in which the long-range supply lines are broken and the system has to adapt to a more local supply.

Think about what is produced locally where you live, or at least in terms of close-range sources. Then, think about how the people are likely to react when that's all they have. Yes, there are always those fools who would turn to crime. It's not a bad idea to think about security and defense. It will become an issue. It is very highly probable you will face at least one criminal attempt to deprive you of your stuff. Current security measures will not likely be enough -- if nothing else, you'll have to change some habits.

The biggest change is that local people will need to get closer to each other as a community. You'll need all the friends you can get living nearby; you'll need to work on high trust and common security. Do this now, as much as you can. Be ready for the coming shock so that you can make the transition.

But that transition period will pass. The ruling elite will do all they can to prevent folks making adaptations, but adaptation will happen. People get used to all kinds of new things, given enough time and incentive.

If you ask me, I suspect that the biggest single change will be folks moving to another place. The vast majority of the US population lives in urban areas that simply cannot sustain life when the conditions change enough. Some live in areas with populations that will not adapt nicely. Folks get tribal very quickly. This is a good time to consider and pray about such things. But the window is closing fast.

People who are paying attention to these things all seem to be saying that multiple elements of collapse are already on top of us. We'll see the currency value collapse, which plays into raging inflation. Government policy is wholly likely to become even more unkind, with government demanding to be serviced first before the population takes care of themselves. Some local governments are far worse than others, and they are already making radical changes. Worse, they are already trying to restrict the best adaptive strategies.

Meanwhile, the visionaries are pushing new technologies that will marginalize even more of us, turning us into "surplus population". The big visionaries belong to the class of people favored by government economic policy, so they have the money to keep spending on this stuff. Do you understand that all this misery is wholly intentional? They hate us and want to enslave us, and hope a lot of us die.

But it's not going to turn out like they expect. The same goes for most of our government officials; they will be honestly shocked by our lack of compliance once things get hard enough. The mass hypnosis works only when the masses are comfortable. Turmoil is coming. Some of it will be engineered at first, but the natural chaos will take over. Neither is a good thing.

The point for the Covenant faithful is to exploit these opportunities. Some of us will have to die; that's just the way God works. It's actually a good time to die and go Home. But for those of us appointed to a mission within the tribulation, the hardest thing is avoiding the panic. There are elements of this that no human can predict. God is raising the ante by adding a lot of natural disasters, not least those arising from solar activity. The tension is rising globally from every direction. This is a major move of His wrath on sin, so nothing at all should surprise us.

That's the focus: Don't be surprised by anything. The next crisis is right on top of us, and the crises are coming thick and fast. Too many people aren't going to notice the early warnings. That some elements of this are very slow to fully realize is part of why most won't notice; they have been too long conditioned by propaganda about how it all works. This isn't a movie or role-playing game.

The Lord stands ready to guide us. It's inevitable that we won't understand everything well enough to be ready for all possibilities. Only God knows what He's planning to do, and there are too few standing in the Covenant so they can act as His messengers. If there's ever a time you need to learn how to hear your convictions, this is it.

Once more: All God's promises reside within the Covenant. Every good thing God does for human requires first that you be a child of the Covenant. Otherwise, it's pretty random what God may or may not do. Visions of prophecy? Only for the Covenant folks. Blood on the doorposts? Only for Covenant folks. The hedge of protection? Only for Covenant folks. The Enemy is restrained only by the Covenant boundaries, so stay inside of them. They are marked by your convictions applying the Word.

Don't panic, Covenant people. It's going to be okay.

This document is public domain; spread the message.