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God's Hand Moving in the Heavens

21 April 2022

It's time for another dose of astrophysics.

It is my conviction that this world is headed for another Noah level catastrophic judgment from the hand of the Lord. I believed that long before I had any significant scientific data to back it up. Now I have the data, and I'm sharing some things you can look for to help you estimate on a human level when it's getting close. I'm going to oversimplify on purpose so most people can grasp it. This is rather like learning how to interpret the storm clouds on far horizon. Except, this storm is galactic in size.

Okay, so there is such a thing as gravity waves. They typically come wrapped in electrical currents and magnetic fields. The manifestations of these things seem to generate all kinds of trouble for us tiny fragile humans on this earth. The single biggest manifestation that humans notice is in the form of micro-novas from our star. These events are largely controlled by galactic gravity flux. It comes in cycles of about 12,000 years, with smaller harmonics at 6,000 and 3,000 years.

Our galactic core is spinning, creating a vortex on an unimaginable scale, many light-years across. On the waves of this energy vortex are carried massive amounts of dust. The dust concentrates in the waves as they pass over the rest of the galaxy. It's like a rippling sheet of thick fabric. It's not paper thin; it's thousands of miles thick with a very high density near the center layer of the fabric. When our star gets an overdose of this dust, it throws it all back off as a micro-nova. We are due for a wave of the heaviest concentration of dust (12,000 year cycle). It's coming, we know, because we have seen the effects of it. Stars closer to our galaxy's center have already done their cyclical micro-novas. Further, the dust has caused changes in two of our outer planets, so that means it's pretty close.

The technical term for this energy wave with dust is "current sheet". See this video for more details.

Our solar system is laid in a flat circle that is roughly level (edge facing) with the direction from which the next wave is coming. Awhile back, Pluto got a load of dust, and it's atmosphere has changed dramatically. Observers refer to a thermal collapse -- surface temperatures dropped dramatically and for a very long time. This has been observed by a lot of different agencies keeping an eye on space. Neptune went through it next; it took just over a decade to show the effects, to include that thermal collapse.

Now, the tricky part is that the other outer planets were not aligned with the direction of the blast of dust. They were spun around to one side. If you imagine the dust coming at us from 12 o'clock, then Uranus was around 8 o'clock, while Jupiter was off around 9 o'clock when it was their turn. Saturn is taking it's time, moving from 10 to 9 o'clock over a few years' time. It may have caught a small dose already, but it's not exactly obvious yet. The experts are watching intensely, if quietly. NASA and friends aren't ignoring this, but they aren't going to make a lot of noise just yet.

Given the scale of things, Mars and the inner planets aren't likely to react any sooner than the sun. By the time we see the effects of the current sheet on our doorstep, it will be just about time for the Sun to to choke up, as well. However, if the sun delays puking up that dust, the sun itself is likely to cool down some. Then the earth will drop into an ice age -- the same thermal collapse as the outermost planets. That might reduce the tsunamis a bit.

Now, I said all of this comes wrapped together with gravity, magnetic and electrical energy. Remember what I wrote about how our magnetic poles are shifting quickly, racing to meet each other off the western coast of Indonesia? Yeah, the outer edge of the gravity wave is disturbing things here already. As this massive wave passes over us, the intensity will get such that the magnetic poles collide, and then -- we don't exactly know what comes next. What we do know is that most of the earth will lose its magnetic shield, so that particles and energy rays will have no trouble striking the surface. Up until recently, earth's magnetic shield has blocked most of that stuff.

We shall live in interesting times. There aren't many shelters designed to withstand even a portion of this. And it's not that every life on this planet will be extinguished. Apparently we humans have already lived through this a couple of times before. The Flood of Noah came on the most recent 6,000 year harmonic, as near as we can tell. It's quite likely that the sun's big burp will cause flooding from massive tsunamis (unless most of the earth's water gets frozen first), but that's because the tectonic plates will sliding all over the place. The earth's metallic core is pretty lumpy -- large bulbous extrusions -- not round and smooth, and those lumps will likely move around a good bit, taking lots of surface stuff with them. We should expect mountains to collapse and low parts to buckle upward.

I've already discussed the increasing storms and volcanic activity, and higher intensities for each. We've already got some of that now. Survival is likely to be random luck, as it were, for most of humanity. We don't have the same conditions as before Noah's Flood, when an awful lot of water was deep in the ground, and the earth was surrounded by a cloud bank. That would have meant the planet was much warmer, and had a lot more surface above sea level, and all of it above freezing. The seasons we experience today were a new thing after the Flood. I doubt anyone can estimate how things will change in the next round.

So if you think this life is precious, you have a real problem. This will all get depressing and frightful at the same time. If you are one of those eager to be called Home, you will look forward to the Lord's visitation. Billions of humans will likely depart before too long.

This document is public domain; spread the message.