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Boundaries of Your Heart

22 April 2022

Is it really necessary to recount the law code that goes with the Covenant of Christ? Jesus taught His own law as pretty much the same as that of Moses, but with the update of being somewhat more strict in some areas. In particular, Jesus said the marriage laws for Israel were too lax, and not what His Father had in mind. Jesus also taught the far older Code of Noah at times (Matthew 5:21-48).

Folks, it's not that hard. We know that Gentile Christians were advised to adhere to the Code of Noah, if you need a law code (Acts 15). Otherwise, it's the same thing it always has been: Love the Lord your God as your feudal Master. Serve Him only, and love His other children as yourself. Notice that He didn't say treat sinners as you would Covenant folks. That business of "love your neighbor" refers to Covenant brothers and sisters, not random people.

Yes, you will handle sinners with compassion. However, the compassion due a sinner isn't always what the sinner thinks he/she wants. It's always what the Lord taught, and that in turn is always what the Covenant required. If you need a solid recount of Covenant Law, try this book by my friend. The whole point is what Jesus made of it: Understand the context (both yours and those of Israel) and make adjustments by conviction. It's not a mystery, but it does require mysticism.

This is what Paul meant when he told Timothy to study the Old Testament and to be a workman not ashamed, but rightly dividing the Word of truth. Take the Sword of the Spirit and cut through the junk so you'll understand what applies to you, and how it applies, what doesn't. In broad general terms, the ritual laws are purely symbolic for us. However, the social code manifests a contextual holy lifestyle. Now get your convictions tuned up and listen to what they tell you about them.

There's plenty of stuff in the New Testament that gives you a clear vision of how to behave yourself so that you stay inside the boundaries, and Satan can't get you. We need to get this right ASAP; we don't have that much time left before the catastrophes start falling on us from the sky. We need to build enduring customs and social habits that belong to Eternity. If you are really unsure of something and want a strong conviction about it, feel free to use my email address. I won't tell you how to live, but I'll suggest ways you can approach the question.

This document is public domain; spread the message.