Catacomb Resident Blog

A Rock of Offense

23 April 2022

Someone has asked me about archiving this blog for future reference. I'm not the only person who has been approached about this kind of thing. By no means do I take myself that seriously, but if something I write serves to awaken your convictions, then by all means, keep a copy. The statement at the bottom should make it clear that I have zero interest in protecting copyrights or anything like that. So if you plagiarize this stuff, God is the only one who will do anything about it.

There's nothing sacred about what I write. Further, it's presented in a fashion that meets the need of the day, not some future day when things are different. It's highly contextual for a reason: You aren't supposed to remember the words, but the message behind the words. It's supposed to work it's way into your soul and your service to our Lord. You and I are the message. When we are gone, our God is more than able to raise up more like us. We are expendable.

I've already collated and published one book on the basics. I'm not likely to walk through that process again for further volumes. You already have my permission to keep a copy of everything that is published on this blog, and to republish at will in any form that suits you. Make your own archive; it's easy. If you want it all zipped up in a single package of the current archive, just ask.

And I really could not be bothered to worry about people who take this material as the basis for criticizing the message. I'll be glad to help them simply on the grounds of promoting an honest report. I don't need anyone's approval or permission to obey my convictions and make noise about those convictions. Complain to God because I simply don't care how anyone feels about what I write, nor do I care how anyone is affected by it. That's not my department. I'm going to obey my Lord's command to publish the message that burns in my soul. No apologies.

Time is short. There is one consensus among those watching the effects of the galactic dust storm that we have about ten years, maybe twenty, before it hits here. It will provoke an ice age along with all kinds of other catastrophic effects we cannot predict. Chances are very good that the micro-nova will come after all of that. Sure, if you have millions of dollars to invest in a massive bomb-proof shelter, you should be sitting pretty. But that works only if there are no tectonic fractures near your shelter's site. Given just how active our planet's mantle will become, all bets are off. There is no safe location. Survival will be mere happenstance in most cases. There is virtually nothing you can do to prepare.

The most important thing any of us can do is to consciously apply ourselves to the Covenant and the message it contains. We all very much need a vision of how this faith can carry forward to future generations, and how it most certainly connects to the previous generations of those who sought the Lord and received His shalom. Let's build a shalom for the future generations. We can't make them embrace it, but we can ensure there is something standing that challenges them, so that they must accept or reject. It's a noble thing in God's eyes that we should be a rock of offense for those who rush en masse to Hell.

This document is public domain; spread the message.