Catacomb Resident Blog

Soul Prepping

24 April 2022

If the threats were simply either man made or just the natural disasters, this would be a total apocalypse. But we've got sorrows coming from both sides.

For example, there's a news item that we are seeing a rash of arsons in food processing plants across the US. I am not in a position to know if the current rate of incidents is higher than normal, but I suspect they are. It fits in with the larger pattern, clear to anyone with two brain cells huddling together in their heads, that the ruling elites are working very hard to wipe us out. Starving us is part of that plan. They've long committed themselves to reducing human population by roughly 90%, and a very critical element in their plans is to force us into slavery so that they can adjust the population at their whims.

At the same time, we can see clearly in astrophysical events that God is likely to take care of it before they can pull it off. Except, God isn't going to let the ruling elite survive any better than anyone else.

We can prepare for what mere men do. Humanity won't go down without fighting; that's a huge miscalculation the globalists are making. They are not evil geniuses, just evil. The system will break down into decentralization and people will seek to restore some measure of sanity. They will do so with force, if necessary. When things break down, look for local leadership to restore a system that will keep folks alive as much as possible. It's probably too late to make a plan for storing food; you should have been doing that already, since several years ago. Still, it's possible to gather up enough to give you breathing room when the system suddenly stops working altogether.

You cannot prepare materially for what God is going to bring at us by His own hand. The only preparation you can make for His work is to work with Him directly. Over and over again, I'll keep saying it: His Covenant people get special treatment. On the one hand, we would rather go Home to be with Him in the first place. But knowing that He holds us here for a witness to His glory, we can expect Him to honor the Blood of His Son over the doorposts of our lives.

If you are determined to walk in the Covenant boundaries, He will most certainly reveal to you what He plans to do with your human existence. That is, He'll give you enough in your convictions to move forward with a plan of action that pleases Him. If that isn't your sole goal in life, you are already hopelessly lost.

I can tell you for a fact that you are most certainly capable of choosing to love the Lord and submit to Him as your feudal Lord. Every human ever born, elect or not, is fully capable of engaging their will to overrule mere emotion and intellect. Becoming a feudal servant of God, at least in the form of a covenant religion, is within the reach of every human soul. In other words, every human is capable of at least obeying one of the Law Covenants with full ardor. Whether or not they will is obviously quite dubious, given what we've seen in history, but it's there. God has granted it to everyone on this earth.

And His Law, at the very least, will make life here possible with His shalom blessings. That means, even in the midst of a galactic dust storm and a solar micro-nova, His Covenant people will survive and prosper. So the only thing we really need to focus on is getting and staying within the Covenant boundaries. He will not allow His witness to be silenced as long as there is a future for this world.

We just need to get it through our thick heads that the Covenant of Christ does have a law code attached so that those who are not Elect can still benefit from His revelation by hanging out in a covenant community of faith. God is faithful; are you?

This document is public domain; spread the message.