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They Only Hinder

25 April 2022

A lot of folks aren't going to get this, but I cannot be silent.

You do understand, I hope, that Covenant faith separates you from the rest of the world. When you belong to the Eternal Kingdom, you have no common cause with anyone who doesn't. If you struggle with keeping an alien identity from this world, then you'll struggle with everything in the Bible. If you can't discern the Harlot Church from a genuine covenant community of faith, then you will remain trapped in the former.

Still, really understanding God's Word means a strong discernment of events outside the Covenant. Do you remember how Joseph was able to help Pharaoh, even though the whole Egyptian Empire was outside the Covenant? Joseph knew the Word of God. Same with Daniel, helping the Babylonians and Persians as a wise man who knew the Word and how it applied outside the Covenant. God can make His Covenant children understand how He works in all things.

As the darkness of apocalypse deepens over this world, you should be wary of people trying to suck you into their partisan fights. They will be scrambling for any number of false solutions, based on a false understanding of what's happening. I realize that most of the people reading this blog retain some affinity for American social and political conservatism. My position now is to look back over the history of my own lifetime and see all the missed opportunities of conservative American folks. Things didn't have to be this bad.

I'm not looking to open old wounds. There are times when fighting makes more sense than peace, and Americans didn't fight the right wars, but fought a lot of wrong ones. Then the moment passes and you can't gain what you missed. The hindrance was the materialistic fear of what we might lose. Folks don't understand that everything they hoped to preserve was lost anyway. They can't even do materialism properly. Mammon is a god of madness.

Ponder this: The ancient Hebrew scholars understood that the only path to divine wisdom was to examine revelation with the intent to let it change you. At some point, you would begin to see the patterns God says are there. This is how you became open to spiritual birth in the Old Testament. In Christ, the process is reversed: We gain the Spirit up front, and then go back and study afterward. When Paul told Timothy to rightly divide the Word, he was talking about the Old Testament, since the New Testament was just being written.

Believers who have absorbed the Law understand God's heart. It makes them hurt to watch people race past all those rich opportunities of shalom. We have God's compassion for those who aren't yet revealed as the Elect. Indeed, we have His compassion for all of Creation, so it's only natural we would care about the fools thundering off down to Hell. We are capable of seeing how the law code part of the Covenant can do so much to help them, even if they never come to spiritual birth. This life is the only place where we can do them any good; there is nothing we can do to change their eternal election status.

It's too late to save America. Whatever it is the word "America" means to you, it's gone. I don't want to debate here when the last moment was that things could have been turned around. The hearts of the nation had become dull and lifeless a long time ago. The right-wing backlash never came. God would have permitted it to prosper somewhat. It was predicted, and it should have happened, but it didn't. The folks who were supposed to lead it got side-tracked. What you'll see in the next election will be the final thrashing of the dying.

This is why you cannot make common cause with non-covenant folks. They will not obey God's Law. Blame whomever or whatever you like; that's just how it is. They won't listen when God sends prophets who warn them they are forfeiting what little they could have from His hand. He is merciful and generous to the whole world, covenant of not, but they just won't take what He offers. Instead, they chase things they cannot have.

Don't get entangled with them. It's not that we are better, but our God is real and theirs is not.

This document is public domain; spread the message.