Catacomb Resident Blog

Some Loose Ends

26 April 2022

I'm going to address some odds and ends in the news.

1. Musk cannot "save" Twitter. Not only is he not the right man for the job, but the entire staff at Twitter is wokie-leftist. That's a whole lot of people Musk would have to replace to turn it around. Worse, the population working in Big Tech is leftist, so that conservatives have not been permitted to get the training and experience necessary to work at Twitter. You can't even find neutrals. Finally, even if Musk overcame these hurdles, the rest of Big Tech would just stampede off of Twitter to some new leftist version.

This is war; it happens that the primary battlefield is virtual. The two sides are implacable enemies, but the leftists have the upper hand right now. By its very nature, being conservative means not willing to take the kind of forceful action necessary to change the battlefield. This affects Covenant people, but it's not our fight. If you consider yourself socially or politically conservative, you aren't Covenant.

2. These self-proclaimed "conservative" talking heads making alt-media videos cannot be trusted. None of them, not a single one, will promote the Covenant message. Of course, no surprise there, but it's worse: Most of them aren't actually conservative. That is, they are middle class merchant types. They are not devoted to the ideology; they are using it to make a living. They want to portray themselves as heroes of the right-wing because there's a market for it. But you can bet that whatever it is they cover is not going to include anything that won't make them money.

Chances are, the more popular they are, the less likely they are giving you the information that really matters the most. Not that I suggest they are hiding it, but they aren't even looking for it. They are looking for what brings in the eyeballs for advertising.

3. I've suggested that we are in for an ice age in the next 10-20 years. That's bad enough, but we are also in for a Carrington Event any day now. Yes, we'll get a few days' warning for a CME, so we can prepare as much as possible for losing most of the US power grid. But if it comes with a major flare, there will be no warning, and your delicate electronics will likely fry.

We just missed a Carrington Event by a few days not so long ago. There was a massive CME that shot into space out in front of the earth's path, but was gone by the time we got there. We missed it by about 9 days. The sun's activity is rising; we are in that upswing part of the solar 11-year cycle. Are you ready to function without electricity for a while? Try to think through all the things you do every day that rely on the electricity grid in your area. Generators can run only so long without fuel that requires electricity to transport and sell.

4. Over and over and over again: The Lord singles out His Covenant people for different treatment. Walk in your convictions and you'll see His hand on your life in ways you could never have imagined.

This document is public domain; spread the message.