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Bring Your Wrath, Lord!

28 April 2022

There is so much that we aren't being told.

Zelensky has been a servant of NATO for a very long time, but there is no doubt he's been padding his mattress with money from several different directions. It's simply impossible to know how deep this goes. There were a couple of recent articles that shed more light on just some of the hidden story.

First, Moon of Alabama offers a recap of a Twitter thread from Gonzalo Lira. The latter has been in Karkhiv during the war in Ukraine, so he has access to intel not widely available anywhere else. I personally don't like Moon of Alabama that much, but this report is useful. Second, Free West Media summarizes a report from an ex-NATO analyst, Swiss Colonel Jacques Baud. They link to the very long original report if you want it. I thought it was a good read.

Ukraine's plans to attack the Donbas were actually NATO's plans. The whole of the Ukrainian army has been a de facto proxy for NATO for a very long time. Even now, people behind NATO have called for Ukraine to invade Russian territory. In other words, the original plan was to invade Russia in the first place. If we know this now, you can bet Russia knew it when they decided to strike first.

The way the weapons have been funneled into Ukraine has been quite heedless and haphazard, allowing a great portion to slip back across the borders into Europe. Baud notes that they'll likely come back to haunt Europe, since the invading ("immigrating") Muslims coming into Europe will surely get their hands on them. He picks apart the puzzle everyone in the western press has studiously ignored since the 1970s, at least: the rise of Islamic terrorism is an entirely western creation. While Islam does have elements that lend themselves to this sort of thing, it's not prominent in their religion. But I'm hardly the only ex-military guy who knew that the Mujaheddin, al-Qaeda and ISIS were each in turn creations of the western spy agencies.

You might wonder why Europe is intentionally fouling its own nest like this. It's the same thing with our opening of the American borders to mass waves of immigrants. There are multiple reasons, of course, but the main point for us is the intent to generate mass chaos all over the world. The elites will protect themselves in their enclaves, but the rest of the world must be forced to endure "enrichment" from mixing populations and cultures. Russian and China have resisted this harder and longer than any other political entities. This is the whole reason for globalist hostility to them.

Macron wants Islamic terrorism in France. It's his mission in life to obey the globalist agenda. The same goes with every other western or westernized government. The honest truth is that, so far, Muslims have been easier for the Deep State to manipulate than the western populations. This is also true of other brown-skinned folks around the world. It's not that the white-skinned folk are so wonderful, but this is simply how it works on that level of reasoning. If you really want to rule the world, destroy those who have made themselves wealthy by moving in populations that are incapable of being wealthy on their own. Turn the whole earth into a Third World mess and rule.

It's the Tower of Babel all over again. If you understand the Covenant message, you will pray for the wrath of God to fall soon.

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