Catacomb Resident Blog

Pulling the Plug

01 May 2022

Jesus warned us that this world would hate us for the same reason it hated Him. If you live by your convictions, your existence will be a testimony of the world's sin. The demons controlling them will not allow them to consider the meaning of a conviction about sin, and only the Lord can hinder them. Thus, without divine intervention, they will have this panicky instinct to attack the source of such a conviction. We know that turning to our convictions is turning to Christ; the only convictions they can possibly have is about their rejection of Christ and His Covenant.

Our ultimate redemption is leaving this world. People who walk in the Covenant can know when that day approaches. But along the way to that day, there are likely many days when a little piece of us is nailed to Cross and dies forever. In one way or another, we take one more important step toward the Cross, and something in us dies, something that hates our Lord.

In a time of tribulation, a great many Covenant people will face those moments of death at about the same time. You know that this world is going insane. The Tower of Babel is rising once again, as some new Nimrod proxy will seek to enslave us and perhaps kill us. It's the nature of the Beast that certain measures of enslavement will come for everyone all at once. When that happens, those who walk in faith must make a choice, and we will all nail another piece of ourselves to the Cross.

You should have already stopped watching TV and listening to radio. It's all a bizarre world of lies; it's surreal. Frankly, the entertainment part is the most sinister, with its subtle mind programming. Soon, the same kind of evil will make the Internet nearly impossible to use. Only what we pass to each other privately will be worth any attention. And then, even that will be taken away completely. For a great many of us, there will come a day when we must simply unplug from all of it.

At that point, all we will have is our convictions. This is the time to tune up your heart's perception of them, and your mind's obedience. The Lord has promised that conviction will be enough to know what we must do. Right now we are spoiled with mostly free communication among ourselves about the Covenant life, but soon we will be spun off into isolation -- just you and Jesus.

If you happen to have a covenant community of faith when it happens, praise the Lord! You'll be way ahead of the game. All it takes is one other Covenant voice to help you stay sane. A lot of us will be isolated. It will be very hard trial.

So the thing to do is practice now. In your mind, stop and think what it would be like. Be ready, knowing that you will have to pull that plug. Don't let it enslave you like a drug. Be ready to go off-grid, as it were.

Your heart knows it's coming. Be ready.

This document is public domain; spread the message.