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Aborting the Covenant

06 May 2022

I'm sure by now you would expect me to say that I just don't care what other people think. Most of them don't really think at all -- by that, I mean they don't have their minds in subjection to their hearts. Their minds wander in darkness. You also should expect me to be firm in my convictions and steered by what I can find in the Bible.

Let's be clear: The ancient Hebrew culture was radically different from anything in the West. In the Hebrew society, people are the greatest treasure. However, every human on this earth belongs to someone else; we are property in that sense. That's how the Bible reckons things. So in the Old Testament, children were the property of their parents. Indeed, no one outside your immediate nuclear family (father, mother, siblings) had any say at all in how you dealt with your own child until at least age 9.

Up until that point, nothing you did to that child was of any lawful concern to any other person, period. Now, it was assumed by that culture that the father would treasure his children, and only the most horrific mother wouldn't sacrifice dearly for their welfare. Still, if someone got a case of stupidity and crippled or killed their own child before age 9, nobody would dare to punish them. No one but God had the authority to do anything at all.

At age 9, the wider extended family household (clan) gained an interest in that child's welfare. At that age, the child would begin interacting significantly with adults outside the immediate family. Thus, what happened to them became the responsibility of the whole clan. Their life was part of the clan's treasury, and their loss would be treated as a manslaughter. Once they reached age 12, they were presumed full members of the national Covenant, and it was a matter of the Covenant Law, i.e., murder.

If any outside party were to harm a child up to age 9, it could be treated as assault and manslaughter, depending on the manner of harm. Intentional harm was murder, for obvious reasons. Culpability for an accident was another matter. They would then be liable to the clan leadership for having taken some of their treasure. The compensation would be less than the blood price for adults. Once the child was over nine, it got more complicated. We aren't sure of the particulars, but things escalated quickly from 9-12 in terms of legal penalties. After age 12, it was treated the same as harm to an adult.

Covenant people have no good reason to deviate from this pattern. Yet, as you surely can see, this is utterly foreign to America, for example. Our national laws assume government ownership of all humans born and living under its jurisdiction. That's not biblical in any way; it's an abomination. And of course, we have zero expectation that American law would ever be changed to meet the biblical standard.

According to the Bible, a woman with her husband's consent can abort an unborn child. Granted, it's highly unlikely anyone in that context knew much about how to abort an unborn child, aside from crude methods injuring the mother. It's far more likely that they would commit infanticide once it was born. There is no difference from a biblical perspective. But a Covenant woman cannot act without the consent of her covering. There has to be a justification that matches the Bible as a whole, and that's a tiny slender opening. You won't do it without a potent conviction. However, to involve a third party in any way makes it the same as infanticide, because that third party has no vested interest in the outcome of the child's life. The abortionist is a killer beholden to the extended family simply because of the nature of the matter.

That's how it is under the Covenant. Outside the Covenant, all abortions are murder. There is no covering at all, and so the whole thing falls under the general moral failure of those who act under Satan's authority. God certainly takes note of this. Non-covenant folk are in no position to even pretend they might understand what justifies an abortion, and we've noted that the Bible indicates Covenant people have only very limited latitude on this. Non-Covenant people are not permitted any such latitude.

How many Americans are walking in the Covenant? I'll let you think about that. Are Covenant folks permitted a separate law as demanded by the Bible? Nope. Any law made within the existing Union of States is considered outside the Covenant.

Net result: Abortion in America is murder according to the Bible. But you need to understand why that is so, based on a clear biblical perspective. The common protests against abortion are deeply flawed and stand outside the Covenant. We can make no common cause with any of the existing "pro-life" organizations.

This document is public domain; spread the message.