Catacomb Resident Blog

Keeping It Simple

10 May 2022

As we edge our way into deeper tribulation, you are going to have less time for some of the things you routinely do now. An integral part of trials is that you quickly discover the real value of things, and time becomes a currency you must invest wisely. Convenience flies out the window as you are reduced to doing a lot of stuff for yourself by hand.

Besides that, if you are focused on the Covenant and learning the ways of biblical mysticism, you'll start getting impatient about some things. I've warned that we are not a part of the right-wing American culture. We benefit from it to a limited degree when it prospers, but we aren't a part of it. There are a bunch of hucksters out there trying to profit from the rising rage at how life is spiraling out of control. They pick up on the childlike materialism of America's right-wingers, grouchy at the globalist agenda, and try to capitalize on the anger.

From time to time, people who don't really understand my mission will ask me to view videos from some of these alleged right-wing activists. I'll grant you that some of them do a decent job of digging into facts of globalist lying and treason. There's nothing wrong with exposing the deceptions. I've linked to plenty of that material here.

What drives me nuts is how people have done their best to profit from this rage. You can recognize the worst examples. That would be folks who make up false information, like Alex Jones, Hal Turner, and some of their ilk. And Q-anon was the worst about that. Then there are those who don't make up stuff so much as teach people a false analysis, an orientation on things that simply won't get you anywhere. That would be like Rush Limbaugh and James Corbett and all those folks who are earnest, but earnestly wrong. They sought to save an America that was already dead, and have steadfastly refused to admit it's too late. Some of these made great fortunes in their work, and nothing of note has been accomplished. We know stuff, but can't do anything about it without a bloody revolt.

Those people at least have some talent, and a few admitted privately that it was all about the entertainment value. They didn't want systemic change, just a little shift here and there to keep the system working. It was merely a matter of preferring one flavor of ice cream over another, but still trying to have ice cream when the freezer was breaking down. None of them were willing to do the dirty work of freezer maintenance.

Look folks: America was doomed from the start. It was born from bad parents, and carried the seeds of its own noisy death. There were moments when things could have been turned onto a somewhat better path, but nobody was willing to get blood on their hands, and that's what it would have required. The dreams of freedom and equality turned into the nightmare you see today, and that's how it will always turn out until Christ Returns.

Anyway, there's a whole new set of hucksters out there who have bought into the current trends of making money off the Internet. It's a new form of whoredom, both attention and money are the goal. They all want to be influencers and get rich. I was asked to look at a recording of a live-stream put on by a married couple I've never heard of before. It was more than two hours long! These people pretended that they had some new and interesting revelations to make. The whole thing was bathed in glitz and cheap special effects. They had no stage presence at all, no talent for presentation.

Let's be clear about something: The Apostle Paul suffered from a complete lack of social charisma. Yet, when he was present in some place, the Holy Spirit shook the people. No real talent, but the power of God Almighty was more than sufficient. You cannot capture the Divine Presence on video. Your flesh might be moved, and God can use anything He likes, but video is no substitute for God's power at work in His people. So, as soon as this video started, my heart said it was already a waste of time.

I don't need attention whores telling me things I already know, or lying about things that give them some claim to my time, as if I really needed what they were offering. They put no value at all on my time, so it's insulting in the first place. If I had all the equipment and a budget, I would still not do videos. I want you to see me face-to-face. If the Lord doesn't move you through such an encounter, walk away. I'd keep the initial presentation short. If it catches your attention, then I'll try to arrange for more of whatever you need. For me it's a doctrine that nothing replaces the face-to-face encounter of fellow believers.

However, writing is an ancient medium the Lord has blessed, obviously. It's bad enough with the written material scattered around the Net. There are lots of writers claiming to have some special insight into things, but they either smother it with advertising or want to charge membership before letting you read their stuff. Here's the secret: If they have anything worth reading, the audience will find them and offer pay from other angles. You have to do the work up front with passion and drive. You have to do it because you believe in it enough to pay your own way.

I'm no better than those hucksters, but I have a totally different mission offering an entirely different kind of recompense. I'm in this for the Covenant, for the glory of the Lord. You and your testimony are God's treasure. Sacrifice is the coin of the Realm. I want you ready for the apocalypse. I'm willing to sacrifice in this life for something far more valuable in the next life. I will never make videos. Most of you can read it faster than I can say it. If we can't meet face-to-face, let me at lest keep it simple.

This document is public domain; spread the message.