Catacomb Resident Blog

Mission Prayer Request

11 May 2022

This is an unusual post for me. I want to lift up a prayer request with my readers.

My friend, Ed Hurst, the senior elder at the Radix Fidem forum and the guy whose books I keep linking to, is obviously in the ministry. He has recently felt called to begin making preparations to go mobile -- as in, moving into a mid-sized trailer or RV and taking his ministry on the road.

He's not rich by any means, but he's also not doing a fund-raiser. He's asking for a miracle of provision. It's a matter of faith and conviction, like everything I talk about here. I know his situation; he lives in an apartment in a big metro with his wife. They've been in the military, just like me, so they know how to give away all their excess stuff and downsize to whatever the Lord provides.

This is serious mission work, folks, not a frivolous retirement wish. It's all about the message of the Covenant. Pray with him.

This document is public domain; spread the message.