Catacomb Resident Blog

The Impotence of Politics

07 July 2022

The US is an occupied country. Foreign elements have already conquered and taken over the government. They won the war, mostly because they didn't use actual combat. Instead, they infiltrated, propagandized and seized the leverage of financial controls. This is not America any more.

I say this as someone who long ago stepped out of the conflict. The initial reason is that I knew in my heart the victims, those who claim various forms of conservatism, were never going to do anything about it. There was a lot of talk about defending America (the cultural ideals and identity), but no useful action. Had they been conscious of the threat, there would have been combat action long ago. It was certainly warranted. But when I saw that it was all talk, it awakened my awareness of the futility of human politics, and I bowed out.

Two things came together to shake me loose from that nonsense so I began to see the truth. One was that I began to review all my biblical study notes from previous years and organize them into what amounts to a commentary. I was called on to teach a series on Bible History in a church. I started seeing the broad sweep of events. Two was how a couple of federal law enforcement agencies ignored what an ardent fan I was of their work and one day simply decided with no probable cause that I was a terrorist. I felt like I was thrown under the bus for bureaucratic convenience. Then I found out by accident that there were hundreds of us being treated that way, mostly military veterans with sterling records. I turned away and never looked back.

I briefly thought that a patriot revolt was brewing, but I found out it was all talk and no action. The feeble response to the Bundy Ranch affair was the last straw for me. A tiny handful of brave individuals carried the bulk of the work, with little or no back-up. Yes, the feds backed off, but then the so-called patriots turned around and did the most incredibly stupid thing at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge and were eaten alive. And the rest of the patriots never did anything more than talk about it on the Internet.

Meanwhile, the entire federal government closed ranks and stopped all further dissident action, such that the only thing that could have possibly worked was all out combat. At that point, the organizing was still just barely possible, but slowly everything was hijacked by shysters who secretly worked for the feds. The propaganda was overwhelming as the patriots went soft, whining about their rights.

Today, the people who could and should resist will not. The only armed response will be when it's way too late for it to serve any useful purpose. It will be piecemeal and dismissed as nutcases. Meanwhile, it's the states that will take the lead, and a great many "red states" are already compromised by ideology versus a genuine cultural commitment. So, we'll have state governments simply reacting in the interests of their own corrupt elite leadership.

Don't take the bait. Our fight is against the demons of darkness, not the human tools they use. Keep your eye on the Covenant boundaries in your convictions, but know in your heart and head that the battle is in the Spirit Realm. Our primary weapon is prayer. The fortunes of human political striving have no significant meaning, except as the background against which divine glory shines through us.

This document is public domain; spread the message.