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Start It with Me

04 August 2022

The compromise was so deep and wide, I couldn't summarize it. It was supposed to be a private Christian school, standing on the property of a charismatic church. My grandchildren attended classes there. As part of their program, the students put on a Christmas show in the school auditorium. The last event was the older students performing a rather artistic sign language demonstration to a recorded music track.

It was Pentatonix singing one of their Christmas songs.

I allowed it to escape my lips, just a whisper: "Lord, have mercy." The guy near me wanted to know why I said it. I'm not sure what he was expecting, but I mentioned something about compromise and defilement as I turned to leave. Maybe it was meant to keep the conversation going when he jokingly said that it was about time to bring that band to church. I said nothing more and continued out the door.

He was a church guy, for sure. He wanted to defend the brand, and was prepared to unload a whole bunch of rhetoric. I've heard him talk before; it sounds like any good sales pitch. I prayed that my grandchildren could find a better school. But I know their parents would never understand; they believe the rhetoric.

It's another two generations lost in the sub-cultural fuzz of churchianity. We have churches in our area that openly mimic a corporate entertainment franchising system. This particular church and school would do that if they were big enough. They are trying to grow on that model. The members aren't fed; they are pacified.

Welcome to the new American religion. It's not so different from the old version; it's just a newer generation's version of the same old stuff. They call their building "God's House" and the whole point is to drag people into the building for a heavy dose of whatever they have to offer. They are encouraged to buy into the brand. The people leave and never see each other again outside of that facility. It's not a family, just an association.

It breaks my heart to realize that God's wrath is so richly deserved on America. Indeed, the whole world. The coming solar catastrophes will be just compensation for sin such as was in the days of Noah. Lord, come visit us. Cleanse us and start with me.

This document is public domain; spread the message.