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Some More Loose Ends

05 August 2022

1. This is a great time to become a public school teacher. It seems every state in the nation is suffering a severe shortage, and schools are just now opening up for the new school year. Even if you don't have that teaching degree, a lot of states and school districts themselves will work with you to send you to teachers' college part time if you'll stick with it. All the more so if you are a military veteran; they are big on that.

Where did all the teachers go? These who know aren't saying. I'd wager a major factor was that old line: "We can't say for sure it's the vaxx, but it's the vaxx." Schools hammered their staff about getting the vaxx and now a great many are no longer able to work. But I'm sure there are other factors, like the madness of forced CRT, and pronouns, and etc. I wouldn't want to put up with that crap, either.

2. I've seen quite a few articles by mainstream science admitting that we are overdue for a major CME (Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun), on the order of a Carrington Event. Well, the sunspot activity comes in cycles that overlap, and right now there is a lot of sunspot activity rotating around to face us this weekend. We've been able to see some CMEs departing off to the side already. The sun rotates, too, and its dirty face is coming around to us.

At the same time, our planet's magnetic poles are migrating toward each other and distorting the magnetic belts. Over the South Atlantic and part of South America is a very large thin spot where even the normal solar wind is reaching far lower altitudes than we've ever seen. It's called "the South Atlantic Anomaly" if you want to look it up. It's enough to interfere with GPS navigation in that region. At any rate, our magnetic shield from solar winds and CMEs is fading fast, so that a Carrington Event would hit harder now than the last one. Nobody knows what to expect, but it could fry the power grid globally.

Keep in mind: Common CMEs give us a couple of days' warning. It's particles, actual physical matter. Flares are pure energy, taking only take 8 minutes to strike, and it's mostly a massive dose of x-rays. Flares and CMEs often come together, and a major CME would have a much higher velocity, offering maybe 8 hours' notice.

3. We are in a recession. By the way, "recession" is a made up word based on the root "recede" -- the economy isn't growing, but receding. It's just a way to avoid saying "depression". Nationally, we are in a depression, but no one in authority wants to admit it. Some states are doing better because they reject the globalist agenda. This is another one of those things where nobody really knows how it will play out.

This one has been planned and programmed. Small banks are likely to close, while the protected ones will be fine, but they might take a holiday if they expect a run on deposits. The global financial system has been trying to bring us little people down to the point we don't have any savings in the first place, only debts. But not all economic activity will simply stop. As previously noted, some states have already done what they could to prevent a collapse of everything. Still, there will be a lot of chaos in big cities where people are dependent on food coming in from the rural areas. Blue states and counties will see the worst of it.

Some cities are already seeing the effects. Still, I personally expect the general tensions and rioting to get rolling this fall and winter. If you have weapons, you'll want to keep them loaded. Because people have learned how to organize via cell and social media communications, we'll see some crackdowns on that stuff that hit everyone in new ways to censor "misinformation".

I'm guessing that August and September are the last two months you'll have to get ready. It won't be the same everywhere, so talk with people you trust about where you live.

This document is public domain; spread the message.