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Redemption Is Not Convenient

13 August 2022

There is something I would like to see some day: More talk of redemption among those to whom the Lord has revealed a better understanding of reality.

It's not hard to find any number of men in the Red Pill manosphere who can slice and dice the problems with our society. They can articulate what's wrong with western feminism as an oppressive social milieu. They can list the ways in which women lie to themselves and can distinguish between the pernicious peculiarities of our world versus the common fallen nature of men and women everywhere. They can examine the words and actions of both sexes and tell you with strong conviction just what this person has wrong when it comes to the Red Pill reality of human sexual response.

It's fine to classify accurately men as Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, etc. It's downright satanic to act like there's nothing we can do to redeem them as they are. Men who fall into these categories are still people. God made them that way, and He has a plan to use them with those various abilities and weaknesses. If all you can do is bitch about the numerical dominance of men who aren't as special as you, and try to drive them away, then shut up and stop pretending to be a Christian.

Our Lord is in the redemption business. That's why He came, and taught, and died, and rose again. The most annoying soy-boys have a place in the Kingdom. The question is not how you identify and run them off; the question is how do you redeem them.

And it's not good enough to drop word bombs for them to trip over, making austere demands of how they must stop being what God made them to be. Our Lord didn't anoint anyone to work out how to keep them out. Claiming Christ obliges you to work at helping them. You must use your great talent for thinking to analyze how His miracle power can work to make them agents of His glory.

Granted, the path to that redemption is already pretty steep and narrow. It's not a question of turning them all into buff and beefy charismatic heroes. That might be convenient for you, but it's not realistic. What really matters is that these men are placed in an atmosphere where everyman can prosper morally. It means building an image of manhood that doesn't depend on the kind of talents this fallen world adores. It means character and confidence that men learn by hanging out with other men who exhibit those qualities.

Yes, it means a realistic effort to segregate, to build a community that is able to take a break from the relentless evil manipulation of the world. That's what a covenant community is in our American context. We create a refuge where men can be godly and learn to be more so. Anything less is a failure to abide by the gospel message.

How often did Jesus lead the Twelve off somewhere away from the crowds? The Gospels indicate it wasn't nearly as often as He wanted. The difference between His world and the faith ideal wasn't quite so large as ours; we have lot farther to go. The withdrawal is far, far greater in terms of distance and necessity for us. Why have we not devised systems for doing this?

The Lord distributes talents according to His ineffable wisdom. He gives us just a few Alphas and Sigmas, and a handful of Betas, a crap load of Deltas and way more Gammas than we want. He didn't make Lambdas and Omegas, but we have to deal with them, too, or we'll never find out what they were meant to be. The burden is on us to figure out how that distribution of gifts is supposed to bring Him glory. Given what I've seen, I can tell you we don't have a clue.

How about we start discussing this need on all those Red Pill blogs and forums? Can we start to think about a normative model of a covenant community that departs thoroughly from the rancid society in which we live? Will you pray about how to redeem all these men and women?

Oh, yeah -- I can understand the Red Pill reluctance to handle women who let themselves go, but God made a lot of them with diminished sex appeal for a reason. Every Red Pill guy I know online has a very self-centered obsession with trophy women. How about we discuss this shameful rejection of women who aren't naturally cute, but might be a real moral and spiritual jewel if you bothered to get to know them?

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