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When We Will Know

15 August 2022

I received good questions this week, prompting me to offer some clarifications. We know the US is going to collapse. When? Perhaps a better question is, "When will we know?"

We'll know when one or more states secede from the Union. Oh, but you see, it may not be a formal secession. It may be merely functional. To be honest, a solid assertion of the Tenth Amendment would make the federal oppressors scream and cry like it was a full secession. Thus, you get to take your pick when you want to declare the US dead. I'm expecting the line to be drawn differently by different people.

That's why the people at large will not revolt. If they were able to come to some agreement about what constitutes a forfeiture of authority, they would have already revolted and brought it all down. We should have already seen a massive number of federal officials swinging from lamp posts. That didn't happen because there is no clearly defined "red line" for them to cross. And the oppressors know it.

So it waits for the state leadership to make that move. If you want to invest your energies into something that will actually show results, I'd say stop looking at the national situation altogether. Pay attention to your state government and try to gauge what they are thinking and talking about. State governments have a much better feel for when their people see a red line. That's how God is going to work. This is what He promised us in having Moses record the narrative about the Tower of Babel. God acts from time to time to destroy false human unity. He will not permit a single entity to rule all of mankind until the very End of Time, and only briefly then.

We aren't there yet. As I've noted in the past, along with others, the single most important factor helping you understand this is the lack of genuine persecution of faith. Right now, all of our political woes are based on a secular agenda that is not specifically anti-Christian. It's just another awful case of the Tower of Babel. The oppression is purely political and ideological, but there is nothing distinctly anti-faith about it. Until we get something truly diabolical coming against faith itself, we are not in the End Times.

Furthermore, the final attempt at global government will be Jewish, and most obviously so. Not religious Judaism, though it might masquerade as that. Rather, it will be distinctly ethnic in nature. It will be the Jews rising up to take over the world once and for all. It will be the imaginary realization of their False Messianic Hopes. That's how the Antichrist will manifest, as a false Messiah offering the Jews everything they ever imagined a messiah was supposed to do for them -- the wealth of the world, unlimited political power, the final conquest of the last scientific questions about the manipulation of DNA and matter itself. I'm pretty sure it will include an AI, perhaps as the ultimate Antichrist figurehead.

Again: We aren't there yet. So, what we need to look for is far more mundane in the collapse of the US government. The ultimate answer to that question is the state governments refusing to stay in the Union.

Trump won't save you because he still believes too much in the federal system. He'll do his best to make a comeback, but it will not turn out well. Given what we know of what God said in the Code of Noah, it's all about decentralization. When God acts to force things, that's the standard result. Look to your state political leaders. Keep track of what's happening in your state legislature and governor's office. And if you suspect your state is likely to split apart itself, keep track of who is leading that effort. Don't look at any kind of federal activity to accomplish anything useful.

On the other hand, look for the most entertaining madness to get rolling in October at the latest, the month leading up to the next election. Look for the globalists to mobilize rioting again, with attempts to shove wokism and Green policies down our throats.

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